14 Recent End User Domain Name Sales

A cryptocurrency investment firm, a road construction company, and an artificial intelligence business bought domain names.

Here’s a list of some of the end user domain name sales that were just completed at Sedo. 

BKCM.com $18,000 – BKCM, LLC is a digital currency investment firm.

FastighetsmMaklare.se €13,000 – The domain translates to “real estate broker”. It forwards to Mäklare.se, a Swedish residential real estate site owned by Nettbureau AS Filial Sverige.

Sonnenspiele .de €6,500 – This domain translates to “sun games”. GGC Malta, an online gambling company, appears to have bought the domain.

Propertycare.com £6,000 – Your Welcome LTD provides tablets for Airbnb and other vacation home rental companies to interact with guests. I guess the company’s name is a play on You’re Welcome?

PNA.de €4,950 – P & A Management GmbH specializes in trading products within the Southeast Asian markets with a large focus on Korea. It forwards this domain to PNAManager.de.

Enrobes.com $4,999 – Stradest Participations, a French construction and engineering firm specializing in street construction, bought this domain. It translates to “coating”, which might refer to road coatings.

Prodico.com $4,995 – Eurocommand GmbH provides integrated system solutions for risk and crisis management, operational support software designed for stationary and mobile command centers as well as staffing solutions. This sounds like it might be the name of a future product or service.

Ummeed.com $4,995 – Ummeed Child Development Center in India bought this domain. It’s a non-profit organization supporting children with developmental disabilities and provides training to professionals in this field. It currently uses Ummeed.org for its website.

StarConcept.de €4,500 – Star Concept is a full-service branding agency in Lüneburg, Germany that brings products to market in cooperation with influential artists and industrial partners.

Asilla.com €3,500 – Asilla, Inc., a Japanese company that develops and provides AI for image and video analysis.

ITPharma.com $2,800 – IT Pharma is an international skincare and cosmetics company.

LiveIn.paris €2,500 – Apimo, a software company that specializes in web-based solutions for the real estate industry.

Live-Ticket.com $2,295 – Payments company Transact Elektronische Zahlungssysteme GmbH (known as epay Germany) bought this domain.

Flexi.org $2,400 – CK12 Foundation offers a student tutoring service called Flexi. It forwards Flexi.org to a page about the service on its website CK12.org.

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