17 Recent Sales of End-User Domain Name

Last week end-user domain sales list full of blockchain-related purchases. This week it’s an irregularity or possibly companies were busy trying to understand where crypto values are headed.

Here is a list of some of the end-user domain name deals that were just completed at Sedo. 

MyCannabis.com $42,000 – Go Marketing, Inc. purchased the domain, but it’s currently promoting blockchain and cryptocurrency events.

Sergei.com $33,000 – A software engineer named Sergei bought this domain. It’s not often that an individual pays this much for a domain for a personal site.

Fishko.com $9,000 – A company in Florida called 100 Fish LLC bought this domain.

Centacare.com $8,999 – The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane bought this domain. Centacare is the name of its initiative to provide social services.

Blackjack .me $8,000 – Revshare Group Ltd, a Malta company in the casino space, bought this domain to develop a blackjack site.

NCChurch.com $3,800 – New Community Church, a community church in Mesquite, Texas, bought this domain.

OverTune.com €3,499 – Overtune will be a music app. A coming soon message on the site says, “Join the future of music creation”. This is a great brandable domain.

Schule-Der-Zukunft.de €3,000 – Forwards to Lebenshilfe-Gifhorn.de, a German charitable foundation supporting different causes to aid sick children. The domain translates to “School of the future” in German.

T4G.eu €2,888 – The buyer points this domain to Marketplace.IntelligentCitiesChallenge.eu, a website for the 100 Intelligent Cities Challenge. I’m not sure what T4G represents.

EnergieWende.com €2,600 – Greenpeace Energy bought this domain. It’s a German electric utility cooperative with a goal to provide environmentally friendly energy. The domain translates to “energy transition”.

LoveSnap.com $2,500 – There’s a technique called the “rubber band technique,” where people snap a rubber band on their wrists to help combat negative thought patterns or behaviors. This site sells fancy rubber band bracelets.

Evolution .mn $2,500 – Another purchase by Evolution, a B2B online gaming solutions provider.

Mietverwaltung.de €2,500 – The domain forwards to Immosira.de, the website for a German investment firm called immosira that focuses on rental property portfolios. The domain translates to “rental management” in German.

SensoryAI.com $2,245 – SensorRy AI is an AI technology firm focused on developing technologies to help conserve and protect natural resources and prevent adverse impacts on the environment.

CalcioMercato.co.uk $2,000 – An information site for European football (soccer) news with a focus on player transfers. The domain translates to “Football market” in Italian.

AAALimo.com $2,000 – AAA Limo Services in California bought this domain.

ITNA.org $2,000 – The International Tourism NFT Association bought this domain.

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