18 end user domain sales up to $50,000

Sedo has some nice domain name sales earlier this week. The top sale was Cows.com for $125,000. It’s unclear who bought it, but it might be an end user because cow.io also sold for $11,250.

Mojito.com did a deal of the year at just $46,006. Here’s a list of some of the end-user domain name sales that were just completed at Sedo.

Yamini.com $50,000 – Yamini Rangan, Chief Customer Officer at Hubspot, bought this domain for a personal website.

Payku.com €25,000 – Payku is a payments company and it forwards this domain to its website at Payku.cl.

Emersive.com $25,000 – Malaysian IT infrastructure services provider, Microfocus (M) Sdn Bhd. This could be for a client. The name seems to be a play on immersive.

Tangle.app $8,500 – Tangle is a stealth company working on something related to remote work.

Nature.xyz €7,500 – The Biomimicry Institute in Missoula, MT, bought this domain. Biomimicry is the design and production of materials, structures, and systems modeled on biological entities and processes.

PBL.eu €6,784 – PBL ProBlack is a Polish manufacturer of buckets and accessories for construction and agricultural machines.

3TO.com $5,000 – 3 Tenets Optimization is a supply chain network design company.

AH.at €4,980 – Andreas Hofer Immobilien, an Austrian real estate firm, forwards this domain to Aho-Immobilien.at.

MyCoins.io $4,500 – My Coins LLC in the country of Georgia. I believe this is a cryptocurrency exchange.

Xolo.es €4,000 – Xolo is an Estonian-based customer invoicing and business administration application with customer support for European entrepreneurs. It forwards this domain to Xolo.io.

CraneParts.de €3,500 – Forwards to CraneParts.at, an Austrian seller of crane accessories and spare parts for loading cranes.

Payday.pro €3,500 – Dataplan Payroll Limited bought this domain. It’s a UK provider of outsourced payroll, pension management and epayslip services.

Bodytrek.com $3,060 – BlueCross BlueShield of Alabama has a program about bodily health for kids called Body Trek.

FSBOAssist.com $2,888 – NextHome Legacy Group Realty in Marion, IN bought this domain. FSBO is “For sale by owner” in real estate terms.

Kieser.at €2,800 – Kieser Training is a chain of fitness studios in Austria. It forwards this domain to Kieser-Training.at.

Hackathon.us $2,500 – Forwards to Hackathon.lt, the site for a hackathon held event in Lithuania.

Moonbar.de €2,142 – Moonbar is a brand of sustainable, vegan nutritional bars developed during the pandemic by a group of German teens.

Outdoor-Cinema.com $2,000 – Forwards to Outdoor Cinema’s site at Outdoor-Cinema.net. It’s a site for video content about outdoor, adventure, and nature topics.

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