20 Recent End User Domain Name Sales

Sedo’s top public sale this past week was the monster domain ecommerce.de. It hasn’t been disclosed yet and the Whois is private. It will be exciting to notice who bought the domain.

Here’s a list of some of the end user domain name sales that were just completed at Sedo.

Stake .co.uk £35,000 and Stake .in €7,800 – Stake is a sports betting company and the official betting partner of UFC. It is entering the UK market.

Condizionatore.it €25,000 – Nettbureau AS, a Norwegian digital startup, bought this domain for a site that compares options for air conditioning systems. The term is Italian for conditioner.

CoverLab.com $15,000 – Nicotina Group, an Italian e-commerce group that runs a site at shopcoverlab.com, bought this domain and forwards it to the longer version.

McMurray.com $14,320 – Charles McMurray Co. is a hardware company. It forwards the domain to charlesmcmurray.com.

Edgevale.com $10,000 – Men’s clothing company Edgevale forwards this domain to its site at Edgevaleusa.com.

Colabit.com $11,000 – Colabitoil sells a renewable diesel product. It forwards the domain to Colabitoil.com.

360.pizza €6,000 – 360 Pizza is a pizza chain in the Czech Republic. It forwards this domain to its site at 360pizza.com. This is the highest public sale of a .pizza domain to date.

RoadsterBag.de €6,000 – This is an interesting company. Roadsterbag is a manufacturer of luxury suitcases and travel bags specifically tailored to fit your car. It forwards the domain to RoadsterBag.nl.

Woningruilen.nl €6,000 – This domain is used by a company that facilitates apartment swapping (similar to home swaps). It forwards the domain to Woningruil24.nl. The term is Dutch for home exchange.

Utit.com $5,800 – Turkish IT company CAP Technology bought this domain. Right now, it leads to a page that says UTIT stands for “U Talented IT”.

WeRecommend.com $5,750 – AOL Canada Corp bought this domain. It’s part of the larger AOL, which is now part of Yahoo.

ZenDoor.com €5,500 – A rental company that uses ZenDoor.co bought this domain. It forwards to the .co.

Valcon.nl €3,450 – Valcon is an operations consulting firm in Europe. It forwards this domain to Valcon.com.

Visitor.de €2,999 – Visitor offers a platform hotels can use to manage reservations from booking sites and to offer direct bookings.

Rollbretter.de €2,999 – Rollbretter sells roller boards for transporting stuff.

SafetyIssues.com $2,895 – Seed Safe Inc. sells secure hardware wallets for crypto.

CasinosBitcoin .com $2,599 – NG Intermedia Aps is an app developer and online marketing agency based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

AV.eu €2,750 – Androvir is an Android security company. It forwards this domain to androvir.com.

MyCare.eu €2,000 – MyCare PSP is healthcare software that facilitates patient support programs (PSPs).

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