$3.5 million domain, ICE.com, still to put to use!!

The biggest deal of the year, ICE.com, was sold for $3.5 million by Grit brokerage in the July of this year. The super premium domain was bought by Intercontinental Exchange, which was using theice.com website at that time.

What’s surprising to see is that the domain is still to put to use. The domain ice.com just redirects to company website.

The domain ice.com has been involved with some big acquisitions and failures. The site initially launched in 2000 raised about $50 million in funding and even acquired rival Odimo for $9.5 million in 2006.

The company didn’t make it and the domain ice.com was bought by an Austin based company for $3 million which too didn’t work out.

With crypto markets hopefully saw a revival, we hope ice.com will again find its glory and be put in a better use.

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