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Tragedy Strikes Newark: 4-year-old Girl Killed in Hit and Run Incident!

4-year-old Girl Killed in Hit and Run Incident

4-year-old Girl Killed in Hit and Run Incident

According to law enforcement authorities, a vehicle that fled the scene in Newark on Tuesday night struck and killed a 4-year-old girl while injuring two other people. Along North 9th Street and Sixth Avenue West, the incident took place.

A child’s bag and a shoe marked a location in the pavement where the detectives silently worked. According to law enforcement officials and Eyewitness News, the vehicle that fled the scene struck and killed the 4-year-old child. According to reports, a second youngster and an adult were reportedly hurt. Both are anticipated to live.

On his way to work Tuesday evening just after sunset, a witness who identified himself as the 4-year-old victim’s uncle told Eyewitness News that he passed the collision scene but was unaware that he was seeing his family’s sorrow.

4-year-old Girl Killed in Hit and Run Incident

Mohamed Toure said, “I have no idea what’s going on ’cause I was coming from the building, and I saw the man on the floor right here.” He claimed that his wife had called him when he arrived at work.

Toure stated, “I was asking her what’s going on, and she told the man you saw on the floor, it’s your brother.” He claimed that when the car struck all of them on Sixth Avenue out of the blue, it was his brother who had been strolling alongside the young girl and another child.

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Robert Lindsay, a neighbor, said, “You saw a family here on the first corner here on the ground like distraught crying, and we knew it was terrible.” A few minutes later, Lindsay arrived home from work. He claims that irresponsible driving is commonplace on this street.

I’ve been living here for about five years, and I’ve always thought, you know, people come speeding up here. He added that you must be particularly careful at this place because they crest straight over the hill and have no idea what’s there.

Toure stated, “We need stop signs on both sides or light or something.” “There are car accidents every day. Every day.”

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