When we try to claim a domain, we’ll often encounter that the name we’re looking for is already taken. Unfortunately, the domain that you want is usually long gone by the time you get to claim it. This is due to multiple people looking for an opportunity to buy them simultaneously. There are a couple different ways that registered domain names are sold: They can be sold outright, auctioned, or back ordered with a registrar if set to expire soon.

In Latin America, Sales were up 87%

60% in Asia, 56%

in EMEA, 47% USA as of February 2019.

92% of sales are for .com, followed by 2.6% for .org, 1.5% .net and 1.4% .co.

Sometimes individuals would get a domain at a lower cost, either because no one had registered it. Or the person who had was willing to sell it at a lower price. However, in many more cases without domain investors listing domains on marketplaces, it would be practically impossible to obtain a desired domain name.

Domain sales – Here the domain is usually listed for sale and people either accept the price or make a counteroffer.

Top sales from yesterday:                                                      6,350 USD                                                                  2019-02-20                       GoDaddy                                                          3,525 USD                                                                   2019-02-20                       GoDaddy                                                  3,399 USD                                                                  2019-02-20                        Flippa                                                              2,950 USD                                                                  2019-02-20                        GoDaddy                                                                2,701 USD                                                                   2019-02-20                        Sedo                                                        2,558 USD                                                                  2019-02-20                         GoDaddy

Domain Auction – In auctions, a minimum sale price set by the domain owner. All bids placed are committal. The highest bidder gets to buy the domain.

Domain Backorders – A cheaper alternative to buying a domain outright. However, it has few risks involved, such as no guarantee of when you’ll receiving the domain or if you’ll receive it at all. People get scammed all the time.

A quick look at some services offered by some of the larger domain aftermarket companies online :

Provider                                                 Direct sales                                            Auctions                                Backorders
GoDaddy                                                        Yes                                                      Yes                                            Yes
Sedo                                                                  Yes                                                      Yes                                           No
Name Jet                                                         Yes                                                      Yes                                           Yes                                          Yes                                                      Yes                                           No                                                    No                                                       No                                            No


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