Addicting Games sues

Addicting Games sued in a  claim that the domain name was cybersquatting.

The domain name showed ads related to online games. The owner of has claimed that he owned it.He owned it much before Addicting Games gained any rights in the Addicting mark. It seconds the fact that the domain owner didn’t violate the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (ACPA). Therefore, the transfer of the domain to Addicting Games would be an inappropriate remedy.

Instead,’s owner Federal Investment Group, LLC has agreed (pdf) to pay $7,500 to Addicting Games. They have also given word to refrain from using the domain in a way related to games. It has agreed to a $1,500-a-day penalty if it does, plus the potential to have the domain transferred to Addicting Games.

Federal Investment Group has smartly removed parked ads from the domain.

Both parties will pay their own attorneys’ fees.

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