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AEW Dark Elevation Results Updated And Everything You Want To You

AEW Dark Elevation Results Updated And Everything You Want To You

AEW Dark Elevation Results Updated And Everything You Want To You

AEW Dark Elevation Results Updated And Everything You Want To You: It’s Monday, which can only mean one thing: Tapes from last week’s bouts in Charleston, West Virginia, for AEW Dark: Elevation. The commentators were Excalibur and Matt Menard.

Anna Jay A.S. (W/ Angelo Parker) Defeated Nikki Victory

The commentators were silent on whether or not Nikki and Jack Victory were related. After a swift hook kick to the face of the Queen Slayer for the TapouT, Jay easily triumphed.

After a Fierce Battle, Ruby Soho and Ortiz Were Victorious Over Nikki Midas and Queen Aminata

Soho landed the No Future on Midas, and Ortiz finished him off with a fisherman’s bomb. Ortiz imitated Rick Rude to all four corners of the arena, giving Soho the willies.

Jackson Drake was Defeated by Dante Martin

Drake nearly went down early on thanks to a spectacular fisherman’s suplex. Even though Drake attempted to avoid Martin’s vertical suplex, Martin was able to counter that attempt and land the move successfully.

After nearly falling with a top rope crossbody, Martin pinned his opponent with a half-suplex-turned-uranage. It’s possible that they left early today. Just before the final bell rang, Drake started bleeding from the lips and/or nose.

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AEW Dark Elevation Results Updated And Everything You Want To You

In a Match Between Serena Deeb and Megan Meyers, Deeb Came Out on Top

The pairing of Excalibur and Menard in the commentary booth is brilliant, however, I fail to see the point in his doing it on a regular basis. While taking in the boos from the crowd, Deeb put Meyers in an Indian death hold and clawed at his face.

Meyers mounted a small comeback and then ran into a strong clothesline from Deeb. Deeb hit a twist & shout neck breaker and got the submission with the Serenity Lock.

John Silver, Alex Reynolds, & 10 (w/ Evil Uno) beat D’Mone Solavino, Alexander Apollo, & RC Dupree

There was a tremendous “Johnny Hungie!” chant from the audience before the action started. With an eye rake from Solavino, Reynolds was trapped in the heel corner.

Since he was given the hot tag, number 10 easily defeated his opponents. 10 finished off Dupree with a clothesline after he was attacked by a rapid-fire finishing sequence from Silver and Reynolds (rolling elbow into a game girl into a stunner into a german suplex). Silver was so ecstatic with his victory that he almost forgot to earn the pinfall.

Julia Hart Defeated Hayley Shadows

The surname Shadows alone suggests that the family belongs to the House of Black. Hart’s characterization change would be more convincing if she walked to the ring at a much slower pace. To be fair, I think her new musical direction works wonderfully with her new persona.

Hart promptly kicked Shadows in the face, establishing his dominance. Hart countered Shadows’ thrust kick with a rollup for a near fall. Hart sunk in his teeth and got the Tapout with a modified Rings of Saturn.

Tony Nese & Josh Woods (w/Smart Mark Sterling) beat Andrea Guercio & Logan James

The fight nearly ended before James intervened, but not before Woods landed a doctor bomb on Guercio. Nese finished off James with a swinging neck breaker while Woods caught Guercio with an Olympic Slam from the corner. Finally, Woods was able to take the crown.

Rosario Grillo, Dean Alexander, and “Manscout” Jake Manning lost against Death Triangle (AEW All-Atlantic Champion PAC, Rey Fenix, and Penta El Zero Miedo).

PAC’s moves in the ring are flawless. Death Triangle used this as a tune-up for their Wednesday match against Will Ospreay and Aussie Open. Penta scored the win with the Fear Factor Package piledriver. After the match, they brought a boy into the ring to celebrate his birthday and Penta gave him his gloves.

Emi Sakura & Maki Itoh defeated Hikaru Shida & Skye Blue

As Itoh sang her way to the ring, the audience went wild. Recently, Shida competed in Japan and won the Regina Di WAVE title belt. Even before the bell rang, the heels had gotten the better of Shida and Blue.

Shida damaged her hand trying to attack Itoh but evaded the kokeshi headbutt. Sakura overpowered Blue, catching her in the corner with “We will chop you!” and a crossbody. Blue used an enziguri to subdue Itoh and deliver the tag to Shida.

The camera angle didn’t help matters, but it was evident that Shida was pounding her own hand and not Itoh’s head when she grabbed Ito with an elbow to the jaw and threw ten punches in the corner. A brainbuster from Shida and a ropes brawl with Sakura led to a headbutt from Itoh from behind.

Itoh dove headfirst into a kokeshi and tagged Sakura. Shida countered with forearm strikes, but Sakura landed a solid kick. Using a step-up hurricanrana, Shida tagged Sakura, who was taken off guard.

Blue attempted to throw Itoh’s iron head into the turnbuckles but to no avail. With a headbutt, Itoh knocked Blue to the ground, and then she stretched out her knee for Sakura to force Blue’s gut into. Shida intervened to stop an attempted pinfall, and the four women immediately began fighting.

In the background, Sakura executed a suplex that knocked Shida out. When Blue attempted a superkick, Sakura blocked it, allowing Blue to land a devastating blow on Shida. Itoh hit Shida with a DDT off the middle ropes, sending them both crashing to the mat.

As a result, it was just Sakura and Blue in the ring. Sakura pinned Blue with a Queen’s Gambit (Stormbreaker) after she was hit with a spinning backbreaker. Soon after the match ended, Sakura issued a challenge to Shida for the Regina Di WAVE title.


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