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Aftersun Ending Explained: Is It Based on a True Story?

Aftersun Ending Explained

Aftersun Ending Explained

We talk about the movie Aftersun (2022)’s conclusion, which includes spoilers and topics regarding suicide and mental health. During their vacation in a Turkish resort, the silent and ambiguous movie Aftersun explores Sophie and Callum’s relationship with their father.

This sad and moving show, written and directed by Charlotte Wells and starring Paul Mescal and Frankie Corio, was a critical hit and received high praise for its cast and crew.

This is a portrayal of loss, remorse, and innocence that is hypnotic and menacing. Although it is difficult to provide a definitive response, we thought we would bring you our view of the movie’s finale because there is a purposeful uncertainty surrounding the film’s last act.

Aftersun Ending Explained

Callum occasionally gets a break from the activities and events they partake in throughout the holiday in Aftersun, Sophie’s father. Despite his evident love for his daughter, he frequently appears disinterested while they are together.

His actions leave the viewer with some unanswered questions. Thus in light of this, we provide various interpretations of the film’s hidden and not-so-hidden themes.

Aftersun Ending Explained

During the movie, some flashbacks show Callum at a party or club, presumably in a furious state, while Sophie can be seen standing nearby. We are not given much information about Callum’s life outside the script. Still, there are various points in the film where he exhibits signs of agitation or disassociation from his circumstances.

His actions hint that Callum is dealing with mental health problems subtly, but as far as we can tell. Callum always has a serene, melancholy demeanor, and although we are never told anything, he seems miserable. Callum frequently goes to bed early as their days together progress and occasionally leaves Sophie alone.

He declines to sing karaoke with Sophie in one instance despite her apparent desire to join in. The fact that Callum is wearing a cast suggests that he may have fractured his wrist at some point, although the cast’s purpose is never fully disclosed.

The dialogue explains that Callum recently broke up with a girlfriend and is in financial trouble. These occurrences alert us to the possibility that Callum is dealing with mental health problems that he is attempting to suppress, not to worry his daughter.

We only realize that Sophie has grown up and is looking back on the vacation while watching the tapes she made of the last time she would see her father alive in the movie’s final scenes. When the trip’s circumstances are considered, it is assumed that Callum may have committed suicide because of her unhappiness, which suggests that her father is now deceased.

Sophie’s helplessness at the outcome and her failure to recognize her father’s illness are the sources of her unhappiness.

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Is Aftersun Based on a True Story?

The film was written and directed by Charlotte Wells and nearly has an autobiographical aspect. So even while the story itself is not based on Wells’ life, she did acknowledge in an interview with Variety that her memories inspire the tone and feel of her debut feature.

It’s important to note that Wells produced a short film titled Tuesday that explored her thoughts and feelings following her father’s passing when she was a teenager. Although the events and plot in Aftersun appear to have been fictionalized for her script, it appears that her emotional state inspired them.

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