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Who AJ Lee Kids? Meet The Beautiful Family Of CM Punk

AJ Lee Kids

AJ Lee Kids

American screenwriter, playwright, and former professional wrestler April Jeanette Mendez. Her time spent competing in the WWE as AJ Lee is what made her most famous. In 2007, Mendez started her career as a professional wrestler on the independent circuit in New Jersey. Before being promoted to the main roster, she spent two years training with Florida Championship Wrestling, the developmental division of the WWE, after signing with the company in 2009. Continue reading the article to learn more about AJ Lee Kids, personal life, and other details.

AJ Lee Kids

AJ Lee does not have any children. Former American wrestler April Jeanette Mendez Brooks performs under the stage name AJ Lee. She writes and directs films as well.

Who Is AJ Lee’s Husband?

After beginning dating in 2013, AJ Lee and CM Punk were hitched in a secret ceremony on June 13, 2014. The couple resides in Chicago, Illinois, and has been together for over nine years.

Aj Lee shared a post with her husband on Instagram:

The power couple is happy and content in their relationship, but they are not currently parents. They have no intention of having children, and there are also no online pregnancy rumors.

Because of the couple’s hurried marriage and Lee’s absence from the WWE show, there were some suspicions in 2014 that AJ was pregnant. Though they are happy parents of their pet dog, Larry Talbott, the couple is childless. In 2015, they took Larry in from PAWS Chicago, a dog shelter. Lee needs to carve out time for her husband, her job, and their dog buddy, among other things.

AJ Lee Family

Born in Union City, New Jersey, on March 19, 1987, April Jeanette Mendez, also known as AJ Lee, was the daughter of Robert Mendez and Janet Acevedo. She is Puerto Rican and the youngest of three children.

Her parents encouraged her to pursue her goals and were very supportive of her desire to play sports. However, her family struggled with mental health concerns, drug addiction, and a lack of money. AJ has mentioned how, at one point, her family was forced to live in their car because they were unable to pay for a place to live.

AJ Lee Age

AJ Lee is 36 years old, having been born on March 19, 1987. On March 19, 1987, she was born in Union City, New Jersey.

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How Did AJ Lee’s Career in Wrestling Begin?

Screenwriter, author, and former professional wrestler from the United States, April Jeanette Mendez, is also known by her stage name, AJ Lee. She is regarded as one of the most significant female wrestlers in history. She started her career with Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW), a developmental territory, before she joined the WWE in 2009.

You can check out the Instagram post:

2010 saw AJ Lee take the stage under his name. She became one of the most adored female wrestlers in WWE history because of how much the fans enjoyed her. She held the WWE Divas Championship for a total of 406 days after winning it three times. Everyone adored her for her unique personality and her ability to relate to her followers.

She was an excellent wrestler as well, winning thrilling fights against men and women. Because of her talent for public speaking, AJ Lee was able to bring interest to her feuds with other female wrestlers. There were difficult times during her tenure in the WWE. She displayed bravery by confronting these obstacles and spoke up about her experiences with mental health conditions like despair and anxiety.

AJ Lee announced his retirement from professional wrestling in 2015 at the age of 27, citing weariness and physical ailments. The WWE’s female division was left empty by her retirement, and many current female wrestlers are still affected by it.

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