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Alexa Bliss’s Few Words To A Fan Who Misses Her Previous Wwe Character Are Heartbreaking

Alexa Bliss's Few Words To A Fan

Alexa Bliss's Few Words To A Fan

Last month, Alexa Bliss made a comeback to WWE with a new character and new music, and as a result, she has now teamed up with Asuka. Fans were left wondering what would come next for the former Women’s Champion after she lost at Clash at the Castle’s Women’s Tag Team Championship competition.

Before going on hiatus, Bliss had a darker persona associated with her time spent with The Fiend Bray Wyatt. Little Miss Bliss was able to explore her passion for horror films through this character and incorporate it into her schtick.

This character should come back, as many fans have demanded, and it seems Bliss agrees. The former Champion recently acknowledged on Twitter that she also misses Dark Alexa in response to a follower.

What Could Be Next For Alexa Bliss In WWE?

It’s unclear where Alexa Bliss fits into the show unless she’s selected as Bianca Belair’s opponent on RAW. It would be intriguing if Bliss received the chance she so clearly deserves as Belair is anticipated to encounter a surprising foe.

If WWE successfully pressures Bray Wyatt to make his comeback, The Fiend’s return could be the critical character makeover Bliss needs. Bliss isn’t currently involved in any significant plotlines and has no available roles for her to fill.

The celebrity stated that she would be the next holder of the RAW Women’s Championship after SummerSlam 2022. Still, things have changed, and she is now forced into a scenario where she is on the same side as Bianca Belair

One of the most well-liked female wrestlers on RAW is Bliss; switching characters would be the best course of action for her since it would let her express her creative side. Since 2018, Little Miss Bliss has not held a singles championship in the WWE. Will this soon change?

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