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Amanda Batula Weight Loss: Bravo Star Shares Weight Loss Experience!

Amanda Batula Weight Loss

Amanda Batula Weight Loss

American television personality Amanda Batula is an art director, stylist, and senior graphic designer. She was born in New Jersey, in the United States, on July 24, 1991.

Because of her appearance in the Summer House reality series on the Bravo network, Amanda is well-known. In the first season of Summer House, Amanda appeared as a guest cast member. From the second season of Summer House, Amanda has evolved into one of the main cast members.

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Amanda Batula Weight Loss

In 2017, Amanda Batula made her television debut on the Bravo series Summer House. Since then, she has also appeared on the network’s spin-off series Winter House.

Due to Batula’s prominence and popularity in both series, people frequently critique her conduct and appearance, with many admirers focusing on her weight loss.

Batula has previously spoken about her weight. In an Instagram Q&A from 2020, she said she tried to reduce weight after appearing in the show’s second season.

“Season 2, my first official season, was when I was at my heaviest. I don’t know how much I weighed, because I refused to step on a scale, but I would say I’ve lost … 15 to 20 pounds since then,” she said at the time.

As she publicly recounts her fertility issues with her husband and Summer House co-star Kyle Cooke, Batula’s weight reduction is still a hot topic today.

Cooke recently disclosed that Batula stopped using her birth control to start a family, but the decision had some unanticipated effects.

“It was kind of concerning. I think she started to get in her head as one might when you start wondering, ‘What are the ramifications here?’” he told Us Weekly.

Cooke explained that when Batula’s period didn’t arrive for several months, they started to worry: “It was kind of concerning.

We want to have children, Batula said to Samantha Feher, one of her co-stars on last night’s episode of Summer House. It’s just not going to happen now.

Some of Batula’s co-stars were also informed by the 31-year-old actress that she had stopped using birth control immediately following her wedding. I had long desired to stop using birth control. And then, my final period came in November.

Decider says on Twitter,Amanda Batula addressed her dramatic weight loss on last night’s #SummerHouse episode”

Kyle Cooke Reacted to His Wife Getting Trolled on Social Media

Cooke disclosed to Us Weekly that his wife’s menstrual cycle was impacted after she stopped using birth control. “She lost a bunch of weight, but her body didn’t go back to regulating,” he said in February 2023.

On the other hand, some “Summer House” viewers have persisted in posting negative remarks regarding Batula’s weight loss. Several commenters voiced worry in a Reddit discussion.

“There is a DRASTIC difference from this season’s summer house and last winter’s house…and I mean DRASTIC,” one viewer wrote.  Others expressed concern that the Bravo star’s weight loss might be caused by stress.

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