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Who Is Amanda Perez Wife And How Is Their Married Life Going?

Amanda Perez Wife

Amanda Perez Wife

Amanda Jane Perez is an American R&B singer-songwriter and record producer. Raised in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Perez is of Mexican origin. She was raised in Fort Wayne’s Waynedale neighborhood and went to North Side High School there.

She sold drugs as a teenager in order to support her family. She also developed her aggressive street attitude while boxing with males as a child. Continue reading the article to learn more about Amanda Perez’s Wife, age, and other details.

Amanda Perez Wife

Given that Amanda frequently discusses her s*xual orientation in interviews and that she is currently married, it is well known that she is a lesbian. The date of the two women’s vow exchange—23 January 2011—was first disclosed by Amanda on their 10th anniversary. Ana Laura Perez, her wife, is an American who has a custom jewelry boutique in addition to another small business.

The two ladies welcomed their baby Sebastian into their family on October 2, 2019, and Amanda has frequently posted images of him on Instagram. It is unclear, though, if Amanda or Ana actually gave birth to the boy or if they may have adopted him. Amanda is married to Ana Laura Perez, and they have a son together. She has not disclosed the names of any other women she has dated.

How Did Amanda Perez Start Her Career?

After being discovered in 2001 by “Mighty,” an American talent manager and producer, Amanda obtained a record deal with Powerhouse/Silverstone Records.

Her 2002 debut album “Where U At?” included the hits “Angel” and “Never,” the latter of which peaked at #10 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart. With its Virgin Records release, Amanda’s second album, “Angel,” was essentially just an altered version of her debut album; her single “Angel” is still regarded as her most well-known song to this day.

Four of Amanda’s music videos, which were directed and produced by Mighty Mike, were broadcast on MTV, VH1, and BET. On July 13, 2004, Amanda released her third album, “I Pray.” Shortly after, for unclear reasons, she broke up with Mighty Mike and her previous label. Released on October 30, 2007, her fourth album, “The Hand of Fate,” peaked at #38 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Chart and #24 on the Independent Albums Chart. The album’s lead song, “Candy Kisses,” peaked at #17 on the Top 40/Rhythmic Chart.

In 2013, Amanda released her fifth album, “Unexpected,” but it didn’t make the charts or garner much notice. Her seventh album, which was supposed to be released in December of that year but hasn’t come out yet, was disclosed to be in the works in 2016.

Amanda Perez Age

Amanda is 43 years old. She is 5 feet 6 inches (1.67 meters) tall, weighs roughly 145 pounds (65 kg), and has brown hair and eyes. As of December 2023, Amanda’s net worth was predicted to be over $800,000.

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