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Amelia Dimoldenberg Dating: About Her Love Life Journey

Amelia Dmz Dating

Amelia Dmz Dating

Amelia Dimoldenberg, an English journalist, comedian, YouTuber, and television host, was born on January 30, 1994. She launched the web series Chicken Shop Date, in which she conducts interviews in fried chicken joints with rappers, grime artists, other YouTubers, and Premier League football players. In her discussions, she is renowned for using sarcasm, deadpan humor, and awkward silence.

Who Is Amelia Dimoldenberg Dating

According to our information, Amelia Dimoldenberg is not dating anyone right now. The YouTuber was born on January 30, 1994, in England.

As part of her “Chicken Shop Dating” series, the popular YouTuber, writer, and comedian go on lighthearted chicken dates with some of the best rap and grime acts in the U.K. She became a local sensation thanks to her videos, which have received more than 13 million views.

Amelia Dmz Dating

Relationship Status

Amelia Dimoldenberg hasn’t been dating anyone as of 2023. Age-wise, Amelia is 29. Amelia Dimoldenberg reportedly had at least one romance in the past, according to CelebsCouples. She has not been previously engaged.

In 320 days, Amelia Dimoldenberg will turn 30 years old. Read FamousDetails’ list of the top 10 facts about Amelia Dimoldenberg. Amelia Dimoldenberg has been hosting her Chicken Shop Date series since 2014.

Since then, she has shown that she has a gift for connecting with the people she dates, including The 1975’s Matt Healy, Jack Harlow, Ed Sheeran, and even Louis Theroux, whose date resulted in a brief rap from the presenter going viral and becoming one of TikTok’s top songs of 2022.

Dimoldenberg has a ton of famous boyfriends, as seen by the flirtatious moment she recently had on the red carpet of the GQ Men of the Year Awards with Andrew Garfield. But who is she seeing? Amelia Dimoldenberg is currently dating?

Dimoldenberg appeared to be dating British rapper Aitch in March 2022; Aitch appeared on Chicken Shop Dating in 2019. When they first met, extreme romantic tension was present, and it wasn’t just Dimoldenberg acting up as usual.

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But last year, Aitch revealed that the mystery woman he was dating in a series of cryptic vlogs he put on TikTok and that the woman was Dimoldenberg.

In the video where they went “official,” the rapper wrote, “Yeah, you guessed it, f*** off now,” while tagging the Chicken Shop Date host. He also posted a photo of the pair together on Instagram, with the caption “Amelia Armstrong,” referencing his last name. Dimoldenberg coyly replied in the comments, “Steady on with that caption, Harrison.”

Dimoldenberg also confirmed their relationship during an interview on KissFM. “We’re hanging out. I like him a lot,” she told host Tyler West. “I love that he loves me so much.”

But fans quickly noticed that the pair started dating when Aitch released his song “Baby” and that Dimoldenberg was featured in its music video, leading some to believe it was all a publicity stunt.

Bustle has contacted representatives for both for comment, but the pair later confirmed they’d broken up a month later on TikTok.

However, they agree that they’d be “better as friends” and present each other with matching “best friends” bracelets after Aitch says he’ll struggle to “sit back and watch you every other week go on a date with rappers,” to which Dimoldenberg replies, “I mean, I can’t stop doing that, I love to date.”

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