American Crime Story Season 3 Release Date and Exact Time in the USA

American Crime Story Season 3

Ryan Murphy’s Impeachment: American Crime Story is almost here. There is fantastic news for the fans of Ryan Murphy. It is official that impeachment, the American crime story, has finally premiered with an incredible cast.

This show -American Crime Story season 3 aims to tell a whole new side of perhaps the most infamous political scandal of the 20th century.

American Crime Story 3 Release Date

It is noted that the show was about to release last year (2020)  in September, but due to the covid pandemic, the filming of the show got delayed. Finally, the wait is over. The official release of the first episode of this show’s third season of the American story has finally happened. The announced release date for the show was September 7 2021, which was Tuesday. 

This show has won an Fx award for its popularity and work. The storyline of every episode in the season is based on actual events happening.

It is noted that the show was about to release last year in September 2020, but due to a pandemic, the show’s filming got delayed.

The USA release time on FX is 10 pm ET on Tuesday, September 7, 2021.

American Crime Story Season 3

American Crime Story 3 Plot

If you lived through the 1990s, no doubt you’re familiar with the scandal that erupted during Bill Clinton’s presidency when his affair with his then-21-year-old intern, Monica Lewinsky, became public. Not only was he impeached for the indiscretion, but the story dominated the press for months. Impeachment: American Crime Story will follow the aftermath of the revelation and how it affected one person in particular: Lewinsky.

This series deals with the ongoing crisis caused by an affair between Monica Lewinsky, who is an intern at the white house and the president named Bill Clinton.

All this story is assumed to have happened during the accusations happening there, in other words, during the president’s impeachment, and hence the word crime in the title explains well.

It was heard that this season 3 might be based on a book named “A Vast Conspiracy” in which Jeffery Toobin has written about a significant sex scandal of the president that almost brought him down and led to some important consequences.

The series portrays the true story of the national crisis, which led to the president’s impeachment for the first time in a century.

American Crime Story 3 Trailer

There have been a total of three trailers released for this season, described below- Impeachment: American Crime Story.

The first released teaser tells us about the impeachment in which we get to experience what reaction was given from the members of the white house after the news of the secret affair of Lewinsky and Clinton’s scandal was out.

The secondly released teaser portrays Clinton’s trial and political stuff. It was more like the republicans wanted Clinton to be guilty and discredited even though he did not commit a serious crime.

The third teaser of season 3 of the American crime story portrays a scenario full of suspense and thrill. A character Linda Tripp performs an interview with Monica Lewinsky in which she was questioned about her love interest from work.

Whereas the president is seen to be denying the affair allegations. The news of the scandal gets published and spreads over the media in no time. 

From this season of American crime stories, we can also assume that maybe these are hints for the impeachment of Bill Clinton. It is believed that this season wants to showcase sexual politics and how an uplift of a person can lead to manipulation of power.

American Crime Story 3 Cast

This show is produced by Ryan Murphy, making it evident that we will see many famous familiar faces, Sarah Paulson, who we all recollect as Marcia Clark in American Crime Story’s first season-The People v. O.J. Simpson is back for Impeachment as Linda Tripp. Annaleigh Ashford from the show’s second season- The Assassination of Gianni Versace, has been cast to play the role of Paula Jones. We will also see a great deal of new on-screen actors, Cobie Smulders cast to play Anne Coulter, Beanie Feldstein is released for the role of Monica Lewinsky. It is pointed that Bill Clinton will be played by Clive Owen, whereas Edie Falco will cast Hilary Clinton. 

We will make sure to keep you updated about any further news. Till then, enjoy the show.

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