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An Suspected Drunk Driver Struck and M*rder*d a Taylor Swift Fan!

An Suspected Drunk Driver Struck and Mrderd a Taylor Swift Fan!

An Suspected Drunk Driver Struck and Mrderd a Taylor Swift Fan!

Jacob Lewis, a Taylor Swift fan, was ki!!ed by an allegedly intoxicated motorist while leaving Houston, Texas, for the Eras tour. The singer’s fan club posted a tweet about the 20-year-old and how Shake It Off was his favorite song at the event.

KHOU-11 reported that Jacob and his sister were having car issues on the road as they returned from the performance. Alan Bryant, 34, who fled the scene, struck and instantly ki!!ed Jacob as he stepped out and started moving the car.

Bryant was pursued by a tow truck driver who witnessed the incident; he was subsequently detained by law enforcement.

“Jacob’s favourite song to dance to at the Eras Tour was shake it off. I think it would be a beautiful tribute to make some shake it off bracelets for each other to remember him, and to shake off the haters and live fully,” as per the Twitter account Swiftiewins.

Swifties, or Taylor Swift followers, have reportedly been trading friendship bracelets to remember the words from the song You’re On Your Own, Kid, which can be found on the Midnights album and says: So make the friendship bracelets/ Take the moment and taste it.

Since Jacob Lewis’s passing, his supporters have given some of those bracelets special customizations.

You can find related news to this post below:

On Monday, April 24, @swifferwins posted a snapshot of a chat she had with April Bancroft, the sister of Lewis, and that discussion inspired the friendship bracelet project.

The direct messages featured Lewis’ sister, who was with him when he passed away during their attendance of Taylor Swift’s concert at NRG Stadium on Friday, April 21.

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