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Angus Cloud Autopsy: Was Euphoria Star Untimely Passing by Tragic Overdose?

Angus Cloud Autopsy

Angus Cloud Autopsy

Nearly two months after the Euphoria actor, 25, was discovered dead in his California home, the reason for Angus Cloud’s death was made public. The Alameda County Coroner verified to In Touch that the actor’s death was deemed an unintentional overdose after toxic levels of fentanyl, cocaine, methamphetamine, and other dr*gs were discovered in his system.

Acute dr*g intoxication resulted from the medication combination on Cloud. In his Oakland, California, residence on July 31, Cloud was found and was declared dead at the spot, according to the authorities. Cloud and his family traveled to Ireland to attend his late father Conor Hickey’s burial one week before he passed away.

The mother of the HBO actor, Lisa Cloud Hickey, and his identical twin sisters, Fiona and Molly Hickey, are both still alive. More hearts were broken by Cloud’s passing than just his own. Both West Side Story actress Rachel Zegler and 13 Reasons Why cast member Ross Butler paid respect to their late friend in public.

“Please remember how loved you are,” Rachel, 22, wrote via Twitter. “This world is so quick to make you feel otherwise. There are reasons to stick around. And this world needs you. Oh, angus. We celebrate you.”

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For his part, Ross, a 33-year-old Netflix star, shared a picture of Cloud on Instagram along with the sentimental remark“A photo I never got to send to you. One of many. Or maybe I did and you didn’t get em because you were never on your phone. You were always looking outward, quietly trying to fit some pieces together. Wherever you are, I hope you figured it out. Love you man.”

A video that went viral on social media the day after Cloud passed away showed that the California native seemed to be in excellent spirits in the days before his death. In the video dated July 28, Cloud was seen having fun with his companions.

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