Believe Me The Abduction of Lisa Mcvey: Where Is Lisa McVey Now?

Believe Me The Abduction of Lisa Mcvey: Jim Donovan is the director of the 2018 Canadian-American crime drama film Believe Me The Abduction of Lisa Mcvey. Lifetime in the United States and Showcase in Canada released the film on September 30, 2018. Netflix will make it available to everyone in the world on June 4, 2021. Rossif Sutherland and David James Elliott feature in the film. For 26 hours, serial murderer Bobby Joe Long raped Lisa McVey, who was kidnapped and held captive.

In addition to its broadcast on television, the film was shown in Tampa, Florida, in the same theatre where Bobby Joe Long was jailed in 1984 for robbery and other crimes. The actual Lisa McVey Noland was in attendance at the premiere of this film.

Believe Me The Abduction of Lisa Mcvey Plot

As much as Belief Me veers from reality in some respects (such as how many people accepted McVey’s narrative after she escaped), the events shown are remarkably accurate. As a 17-year-old, McVey was hit by Long’s automobile on November 3, 1984, and dragged into his vehicle. In an interview with Fox 13, she said she had pleaded with God, “I remember pleading with God – whatever you do, just don’t let him kill me,”

There are at least eight women in the 1980s who Long is suspected to have raped or murdered. McVey spent 26 hours “at gunpoint” with Long. “He repeatedly raped me. I’m not sure how many there were “She elaborated. McVey had previously been abused by her grandmother’s lover, and she claimed that this experience helped her persuade Long to spare her life in the film Believe Me.

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Believe Me The Abduction of Lisa Mcvey Cast

Lisa McVey, Played by Katie Douglas

Actress Katie Emily Douglas is from Canada. She has appeared in Spooksville, Mary Kills People, Believe Me: The Abduction of Lisa McVey, and Level 16, as well as starring parts in Ginny and Georgia and Pretty Hard Cases, on Netflix.

Believe Me The Abduction of Lisa Mcvey
Believe Me The Abduction of Lisa Mcvey

Bobby Joe Long is Played by Rossif Sutherland

Canada-based actor Rossif Sutherland Donald Sutherland’s children include him, his brothers Angus and Roeg, and his half-brother Kiefer.

Detective Larry Pinkerton is Played by David James Elliott

A Canadian actor known for his role as Harmon Rabb Jr. on the television series JAG from 1995 to 2005 is David James Elliott.

Other Cast:

  • Bruno Verdoni in the role of Moris
  • Betty McVey is played by Megan Fahlenblock.
  • Lorrie McVey (Amanda Arcuri) in the film
  • Diane McVey, played by Kim Horsman
  • Detective Lopez is played by Jamie Robinson as Ed Milton Barnes.
  • Detective Russell is played by Patrice Goodman.
  • Detective King is played by Alexandra Castillo.
  • In the role of Lisa McVey Noland

Believe Me The Abduction of Lisa Mcvey Awards

At the 8th Canadian Screen Awards in 2020, the film received the Canadian Screen Award for Best TV Movie and the Canadian Screen Award for Best Writing in a Television Film (Christina Welsh). Other nominations included Best Actor in a Television Film or Miniseries (Douglas), Best Actor in a Drama Series or Program (Sutherland), Best Director in a Television Film (Donovan), and Best Photography in a Drama Program or Series (Douglas) (Sasha Moric).

A nomination from ACTRA‘s Toronto chapter for Outstanding Actress in 2019. For Best Production Design in a Television Film, Best Editing in a Television Film, and Best Sound Editing in a Television Film, Helen Kotsonis, and Lisa Grootenboer were nominated by the Directors Guild of Canada (Brian Eimer, Michael Bonini).

Believe Me The Abduction of Lisa Mcvey: Where Is Lisa McVey Now?

She is currently a sheriff’s deputy in Hillsborough County who is known for her efforts in protecting children from sexual abuse and for her expertise in the field. “I’m here to defend you. On my watch, no one will be wounded “In 2019, she revealed this to Fox 13 in New York. “As a result, I decided to pursue a career in law enforcement. I am no longer a victim.”

She is also a motivational speaker and a school resource deputy at a nearby middle school, where the incident occurred. In 2018, she expressed the hope that her film, Believe Me, will provide victims with the tools they need to overcome their problems:

“It’s a way to show individuals how to move on from adversity and go on with their lives. I want to be a role model for people in some way, whether it’s via physical, mental, or emotional means.”

Believe Me The Abduction of Lisa Mcvey: Is There Any Truth To It?

Definitely! Robert “Bobby” Joe Long, a known serial murderer, grabbed Lisa McVey Noland from her home and raped her before she used her wits and intellect to escape him.

This near-miracle was made possible by Noland’s ability to persuade Long that she felt his suffering and stood by him. She persuaded Long to spare her life by convincing him that she was sympathetic to his plight. Before she was able to break away from him, it was like a psychological fight between the two of them.

Believe Me The Abduction of Lisa Mcvey Trailer

The official trailer for the film is embedded below if you’d want to familiarise yourself with the plot before sitting down to see it.


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