Biggest .io sale of all times going to be used for a crypto app

The big sale of for $68,000 raised many eyebrows last month. The sale was done at platform and it is now learnt that the domain will be used to launch a crypto app.

The website is up at, though the app will be launched soon. The app aims to allow users to spend 20+  cryptocurrencies from a non-custodial wallet. They aim to make spending crypto currencies easier as one gets access to spend over 20+ cryptocurrencies with the Swipe Debit Card, which the company will be rolling out soon.

Swipe will be encrypted and will maintain PCI Level 1 DSS Certification. The consumers will be able to buy & Sell cryptocurrencies with a bank account or credit card with on-chain delivery. Users will be in full control of their private keys to their wallet and funds.

The company also offers an opportunity for businesses to create their own Debit Card issuance program directly in their app with a few lines of code with the Swipe SDK. Hope they get success in this and help in user adoption and usage of crypto currencies.

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