Bitcoin Creator” Wiki-Domain Change Trolling Intensifies With “C**

Yesterday, it emerged that an anonymous prankster and presumably Bitcoin (BTC) fan has bought the domain and redirected the page to Wright’s Wikipedia page.

According to GoDaddy, the domain will have cost over $21,000. However, for a passionate Bitcoin OG, this would likely be chump change, particularly given the rise in Bitcoin prices already in 2019.

Today, a copycat prankster appears to have upped the ante. Peter McCormack  is one of Wright’s staunchest critics. He tweeted today that a second domain has been bought to troll so-called Satoshi.

Perhaps the most offensive word in the English language, GoDaddy estimates that C** cost just less than The service’s domain valuation tool estimates $20,916. However, this is quite the investment for a simple trolling. Evidently some Bitcoiner somewhere thinks it’s worth it.

Wright has since been on the offensive against anyone claiming that he is not Satoshi Nakamoto. In fact, various members of the Bitcoin community have been targeted with legal action for calling out the Australian computer scientist on his claims.

Craig appears to have submitted fraudulent evidence to support his claims. A digital copy of a letter supposedly dated before Kleiman’s death actually shows a copyright of one of the fonts used as being from 2015. This means there is literally no way the letter can be from when Wright says it is. It seems likely that this will jeopardise his case.

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