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Blue Lock Episode 22 Release Date: Get Ready for the Season Finale!

Blue Lock Episode 22 Release Date

Blue Lock Episode 22 Release Date

Has a preview synopsis of Blue Lock episode 22, “Voice,” been posted online? When will it air globally? There are only three episodes of season 1 of the well-liked football anime remaining to show, not counting the eagerly awaited episode of Blue Lock this weekend.

The availability of source material and the success of the anime are giving fans optimism that Isagi’s quest will continue for years to come even though the series has not yet been renewed for season 2. But before we go any further, what day and time will Blue Lock episode 22 be available on Crunchyroll worldwide?

Blue Lock Episode 22 Release Date

On Sunday, March 12, Blue Lock season 1 episode 22 will make its domestic television debut. The majority of fans outside of Japan will be able to watch the new episode on Saturday, March 11. The most recent episode of Blue Lock is available on Crunchyroll for the following hours for fans of the popular football anime series:

The Blue Lock English dub will be followed by brand-new episodes at 1:15 PM PT/4:15 PM ET/9:15 PM GMT.

Blue Lock Episode 22 Release Date

The following synopsis has been posted online for Episode 22, which is slated to be called “Voice”:

“At last, the overwhelmingly talented “Kaibutsu” [Monster] have been found. Briefly, Bachira is happy to have met them, but before long he realizes that he is the only one left behind in the battle between Isagi and Rin. Meanwhile, the match enters its final phase, with a fierce back-and-forth battle centered around a joker called Barou. Where will Bachira, who is awakening under extreme conditions and facing his own “ego”, end up…?”

Chapters 81, “Final Action,” 82, “I Don’t Need You,” 83, and 84 of the original manga series are anticipated to be adapted in the next episode.

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New Manga Volume Prepares for Domestic Release

22 full Tankobon volumes of the original Blue Lock manga series have been published in Japan, and volume 23 will be out on March 16 this week. Chapters 186–194 are anticipated to be included in the forthcoming volume:

The second issue of the “Episode Nagi” spin-off manga, which is centered on Nagi and Reo, will be published concurrently with the new volume. Issue 18 of the Blue Lock manga, which will be available via Kodansha, Amazon Kindle, Google Play, and Barnes & Noble’s Nook, will be the following volume to be published in English.

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