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Bobby Schubenski Age: The Musician Relationship Insights and Fascinating Journey

Bobby Schubenski Age

Bobby Schubenski Age

Musician and proprietor of a clothing company, Bobby Schubenski, collaborates with a number of bands and is well-known for his clothing line, BlackCraft Cult. He is engaged to Rosa Mendes, a former wrestler.

We will learn about Bobby Schubenski’s Age, Net Worth, and Height in this article because many people are curious about him.

Bobby Schubenski Age

There was a lot of interest in Bobby Schubenski’s age. Let’s check out this Bobby Schubenski. Bobby Schubenski is well known for his clothing line, his collaborations with different bands, and his relationship with Rosa Mendes, a former wrestler. His birthday is August 29, 1988. Bobby Schubenski will be 34 years old.

Bobby Schubenski Net Worth

As the fiance of the former wrestler Rosa Mendes, Bobby Schubenski is well known for his clothing line and collaborates with several artists. A lot of people were curious about the musician’s and clothing company owner’s wealth. It is thought that Bobby Schubenski is valued between $5 and $10 million.

Bobby Schubenski Height

Bobby Schubenski, a well-known musician and owner of a clothing company, was born on August 29, 1988, in Pennsylvania, America. A lot of people were curious about Bobby Schubenski’s height. Check out his height right here. Bobby Schubenski is 7 feet 1 inches tall. He measures 70 kilograms.

Bobby Schubenski Early Career

On August 29, 1988, Bobby Schubenski was born in Pennsylvania. Known for being engaged to Total Divas reality actress and WWE wrestler Rosa Mendes. Along with his involvement in numerous rock bands, including Monkeys and Are MachineGuns, he is also well-known for his clothing line, BlackCraft Cult.

In 2013, Schubenski shared a scene with Eva Marie on the fifth season of Total Divas. In the early 2010s, he started dating Rosa Mendes, who is now his fiancée. In 2012, Bobby started his apparel business, BlackCraft Cult.

He is one of his family’s prosperous members. He is included in the group of well-known individuals who were born on August 29, 1988. One of the wealthiest family members was born in Pennsylvania, and his name is Schubenski. He is included among the Most Popular Family Members as well.

Bobby Schubenski Wife

The Real Housewives of Orange County star Bobby Schubenski and Noella Bergener’s relationship was over, she confessed. Noella made her RHOC season 16 debut and discussed her tumultuous marriage to James Bergener. She eventually filed for divorce after being taken by surprise when James vanished after a few episodes.

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She dealt with the aftermath and attempted to make sense of the abrupt turn of events as viewers watched on. Noella disclosed her relationship with a new unidentified man in January. She explained that they had known each other for years and kept in touch with each other when she was going through her divorce, albeit she didn’t say his name at the time.

Bobby Schubenski, who is from Pennsylvania and was formerly married to professional wrestler Rosa Mendes, was identified by Noella during the RHOC season 16 reunion. Noella, who came out as gay during season 16, revealed to the RHOC cast that Bobby had given her an adult toy company as a Christmas present.

She continued by admitting that she is “a lot” and needs to connect with someone. Noella confessed that she would like to remarry and have a traditional ceremony after she wed James in Las Vegas. It may be a clue that she will appear in the forthcoming RHOC season 17 that her future husband should be ready for a “roller coaster” ride.

Drama abounds with Noella’s RHOC season 16 premiere. When Heather Dubrow, a veteran of the Real Housewives of Orange County, accused Noella of giving her daughter pornography, they began to argue frequently in addition to dealing with her divorce from James. Here is a Twitter post about her Divorce:

Noella is open to finding her future spouse despite her recent breakup with Bobby. Noella and James divorced in December 2021 after a lengthy struggle. James was accused of leaving Noella and their son, James Jr., during the proceedings.

The “Sweet James” lawyer claimed that Noella was the one who left their Puerto Rican home to film RHOC and that she refused to allow him to meet James Jr. in spite of numerous pleas.

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