Brandon Sanderson Pokes Fun at Game of Thrones Author

Brandon  Sanderson is a popular fantasy novelist and author of the final book in the Wheel of Time series. Sanderson, whose seriously acclaimed Mistborn novels obtained a Fortnite crossover in May 2021, made the declaration in the course of a live recording of his Intentionally Blank podcast along with co-presenter Dan Wells.

When a target audience member requested Sanderson about the manner concerned in letting one among his characters appears in some other belongings, he began with the aid of explaining how his Mistborn person Kelsier ended up in Fortnite but then went off on a tangent about Elden Ring. In a Q & A panel discussion uploaded to YouTube last week, Brandon Sanderson, who also wrote a novel series for Mistborn and  Stormlight Archives, was disappointed that George Martin, author of Game of Thrones was asked to write the story of FromSoftware’s next novel game. From Software decides to create a fantasy game and work with a fantasy writer.

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 “And you’re choosing someone who has been playing games since King’s Field and is blogging about the NFL rather than always listing games in the  top 10?” What do you think of people?

 “If you don’t know, they went to George and played a game with George, and I don’t think George is playing a video game.

“My work on it changed into certainly performed years ago,” Martin defined to WTTW News Chicago closing June. “These games, they’re like films, they take a long time to broaden.

“They desired a global creation to set the game in. Worldbuilding is a huge thing in delusion and technology fiction. You’re not the Brandon Sandersonmost effective speaking characters and the plot, but the placing is almost as critical as everything else: Tolkien’s Middle-Earth, Robert E.


“I worked up a fairly distinctive historical past for them, after which they took it from there. So absolutely, it’s been several years since I was closing seen them. Still, they might come and periodically display me some monsters they’d designed or the modern computer graphics, or [other] cool things.”

Following a one-month postpone, Elden Ring might be launched on February 25 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC.

During a Taipei Game Show interview this week, Elden Ring manufacturer Yasuhiro Kitao said they can finish the sport in around 30 hours; however, it includes “many dozens greater hours’ worth of gameplay”.

Earlier this month, an incomplete model of Elden Ring’s character author leaked thru the game’s closed community test. Martin wrote on his blog late last year about his experience creating the world of Elden Ring with Hidetaka Miyazaki.

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Martin easily admits that he had limited knowledge of video games in the past, and wrote in a blog post last December: “It’s mostly strategic games such as Railroad Tycoon, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, and Master of Orion, but the offer for [The Elden Ring]  was too exciting to decline.”

“Elden Ring’s global was built the usage of [Martin’s] mythos and stimulus as a base,” Miyazaki persevered.

It’s probably fair to say that excitement for Elden Ring is now in some way past all the “searching-ahead”; gamers will, in the end, have the possibility to witness the culmination of From’s collaboration with Martin for themselves whilst the sport launches on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC on twenty-fifth February.

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