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Bridget Moynahan Net Worth: How She Become Success In Her Life?

Bridget Moynahan Net Worth

Bridget Moynahan Net Worth

Bridget Moynahan was born in Binghamton, New York, in 1971. She is a well-known actress and model who has appeared on numerous magazine covers and in cinema and television. In this article, we will cover Bridget Moynahan’s Net Worth. If you’re interested in reading, then stay tuned with us. Here you also read about her early life, career, and some interesting facts.

Bridget Moynahan’s Net Worth

Bridget Moynahan, an extremely successful American actress, is worth $25 million. The most prominent American actress Bridget Moynahan is reported to be worth around $25 million, according to multiple web resources (including Wikipedia, Forbes, and Bloomberg).

It’s safe to say that Bridget Moynahan has been doing this for a while. Her acting skills earned her a multimillion-dollar fee for just one film role. The box office has been suitable for her films. Across the globe, her films have brought in $133 million. Bridget has been featured as ADA Erin Reagan on CBS’s “Blue Bloods” since 2010, and she played Helen Wick in the 2014 and 2017 “John Wick” films.

From Model To Actress: Discover Bridget Moynahan’s Stunning Career Journey

Bridget began modeling for Springfield department store catalogs, and after coming to New York at age 18, she graced the covers of magazines such as “Elle,” “Vogue,” and “Glamour.” She started performing commercials for shampoo and soap brands and took acting courses at the Caymichael Patten Studio.

Moynahan made her acting debut in 1999, playing in the indie film “Row Your Boat” and commencing a seven-episode stint as Natasha Naginsky on HBO’s “Sex and the City.” In 2000, Bridget was featured in four films: “Coyote Ugly” (which grossed $113.9 million at the box office), “Whipped,” “In the Weeds,” and “Trifling with Fate.”

She co-starred with John Cusack in 2001’s “Serendipity” and with Morgan Freeman and Ben Affleck in the 2002 spy thriller “The Sum of All Fears.” Moynahan portrayed a CIA trainee in 2003’s “The Recruit,” then co-starred with Will Smith in 2004’s “I, Robot,” a blockbuster hit with a worldwide total of $347.2 million.

Bridget Moynahan made her cinematic debut in Row Your Boat, playing Apartment Owner. She has appeared in films such as Battle: Los Angeles, Midnight Sun, and Ramona and Beezus. Moynahan joined the cast of the CBS crime drama “Blue Bloods” in 2010 as the recurring character of Assistant District Attorney Erin Reagan-Boyle.

She kept up her performance for the next eleven seasons as this character. Moynahan is still a mainstay on the show, which has continued broadcasting for quite some time. She’s been around a while, and she’s been in some big hits.

Moynahan has made a name for herself through her philanthropic contributions to organizations like Brain Trauma, the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s, and the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Moynahan has been praised by critics for her performances and has been nominated for numerous accolades for her career.

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Bridget Moynahan’s Relationship History

In the early 2000s, Bridget dated screenwriter Scott Rosenberg; after they broke up in 2003, she began dating NFL quarterback Tom Brady the following year. After breaking up in late 2006, Bridget’s representative announced in February 2007 that Moynahan was expecting Brady’s child.

Bridget Moynahan Net Worth

On August 22, 2007, their first child, a son named John Edward Thomas Moynahan, entered the world. Moynahan is now the stepmother to Andrew Frankel’s three sons from a previous marriage. Frankel and Bridget began dating in 2010, and they wed on October 17, 2015.

Bridget Moynahan Early Life

On April 28, 1971, Bridget Moynahan entered this world. She is now 51 years old. She entered this world in the United States, in the city of Binghamton. Mary Bridget, a schoolteacher, and Edward Bradley Moynahan, an administrator at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, are her parents.

In 1989, Moynahan graduated from Longmeadow High School. Bridget spent two years at the University of Massachusetts Amherst after graduating high school. She entered the business early and has since risen to prominence.

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Tom Brady has one of the greatest estimated net worths of any active NFL player at $333 million, per Spotrac. The difference, though, is that his wife, Gisele Bundchen, is also a billionaire: she earned $400 million as a model.

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When Did Tom Brady Dump Bridget Moynahan?

After three years together, Moynahan and Brady broke up in December 2006. Several weeks ago, (they) peacefully ended their three-year relationship," Moynahan's representative said in a statement to PEOPLE.


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