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Brock Lesnar Facts That Only Die – Hard Fans Will Know

Brock Lesnar Facts That Only Die - Hard Fans Will Know

Brock Lesnar Facts That Only Die - Hard Fans Will Know

The Upcoming Big Thing. The Beast As A Person. The one out of twenty-one and one. Suplex City’s mayor. Although WWE Superstar Brock Lesnar has gone by several monikers in the 20 years since his official debut, some aspects of him have remained unchanged. A genuine behemoth with enormous tattoos on his chest and back, he is an easily identifiable beast with a distinct sense of fashion.

You can always tell when someone will get harmed when you hear the opening rhythms of his entrance music, whether he is wearing MMA-inspired clothing or the straight-off-the-farm plaid and denim appearance he has been donning more recently.

Throughout his career, Brock has honed various aspects of his character, including the pyro, that synthesizer, his fighting stance on the entry ramp, and his vertical leap from the floor to the ring apron. It’s simple to follow Brock’s tenacity and unwavering pursuit of excellence in anything he sets his mind to.

While still in high school, he has triumphed in competitions such as the NCAA, WWE, New Japan Pro-Wrestling, and the Ultimate Fighting Championship. On his journey to those victories, he regularly gave the impression of being unstoppable.

WWE fans have always supported Lesnar, but it’s well known that Brock is a very private person. Let’s get started and reveal some little-known details about the man who created the Beast.

Brock Wrote An Autobiography With Paul Heyman

Since they first met, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman have remained close. The two co-wrote the book “Death Clutch: My Story of Determination, Domination, and Survival,” which is Brock’s account of his life. Released in 2012, it starts immediately before Brock’s defeat to Cain Velasquez at UFC 121 and ends just before his first stint in WWE and a portion of his UFC career.

In a 2011 interview with Sports Illustrated, the well-known reclusive person Lesnar remarked, “Maintaining my solitude has to do with respect for myself and my family.” Brock was able to be candid and create “Death Clutch” because he trusted Paul Heyman, a dependable buddy, and confidant since his early days in WWE developmental. I needed some comfort, and I believe Paul was the person I could plan this with, as Brock put it.

Although Brock hasn’t discussed it subsequently, he did hint in the aforementioned interview that he might be willing to write a sequel to “Death Clutch.” There’s still a lot to be written about, and whether or not I do it is up in the air. Since the end of his first autobiography, Lesnar has accomplished some amazing things, like winning many championships and breaking the streak of the illustrious Undertaker at WrestleMania XXX, so fans would warmly receive a second book.

Tazz introduced Brock Lesnar And Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman related a story about how Brock Lesnar received terrible counsel from several veterans early in his WWE training during an “Inside the Ropes” live show. He was instructed to adopt a stoic Russian persona and not offend. WWE and ECW veteran Tazz approached Lesnar, according to Heyman, and said, “They’re giving you bad advice, dude.

You shouldn’t do this.” Despite his lack of experience, Lesnar concurred that it was a horrible idea. Tazz, a former ECW colleague of Paul Heyman’s, brought Lesnar to Heyman and told him the news. Heyman warned Brock, “you realize if you do what they’re saying you it would ruin you. In six months, you’ll depart from here.

Do you want me to discuss this with Vince?” Heyman and Lesnar were matched together shortly after Heyman gave his consent. Since Lesnar’s debut, their on-screen relationship has been on and off. Heyman has regularly turned on Brock to temporarily support other “Heyman people” like CM Punk and Roman Reigns, but Paulie always returns to The Beast’s side.

Farmer Brock Isn’t Just A Wrestling Character

Lesnar was raised in abject poverty on a dairy farm in Webster, South Dakota, a small community best known for hunting, fishing, and being the birthplace of WWE wrestler Brock Lesnar.

Brock has related tales about how the farm almost went into foreclosure. He said to ESPN, “We couldn’t pay our bills. When I went to the town to obtain a load of grain, the elevator wouldn’t allow me to have any, as I recall. Lesnar made an effort to leave the little town life because he realized there were things bigger for him than that farm.

Brock was able to use the power and stature he gained working on the farm in high school to play football and wrestle. He won a championship for a junior college in 1998, and then two years later, for the University of Minnesota, he won the NCAA title. Soon after, he was approached by WWE, who offered him a quarter million dollars although he had “never watched a lick of wrestling.” Brock’s exit from South Dakota was facilitated by pro wrestling, which he had previously said wasn’t real.

These Days, Brock Has A Farm Of His Own

Lesnar, his wife Rena (former WWE star Sable), and their young children now reside on their farm in Maryfield, Saskatchewan, where they previously lived. This move was made in response to Lesnar’s desire to return to his rural life, as he said in his book. Additionally, Brock has two elder children from a prior union. Brock Lesnar is the stepfather of Rena’s daughter from her first marriage, who is also a step-grandmother.

The estate, around 150 kilometers outside Regina, serves as a haven for the Beast Incarnate. Lesnar and his family have owned the home since Brock’s initial UFC departure in 2011. Although Regina, which has a population of over 200,000, is a bigger city, Brock would much rather live in Maryfield, which has just 311 individuals.

In various interviews, Brock has expressed the value of his farm and the necessity of returning there to rest and recover after doing performances for the WWE in front of large crowds. He told Pat McAfee, “I experience a severe crash after being in front of audiences. I go hibernate in Saskatchewan, for example.

Saskatchewan has openly greeted Brock on their end. The news was announced on Twitter by Brad Wall, who was Saskatchewan’s leader at the time, who said, “All the best at #UFC200, my friend,” after Lesnar decided to fight for Maryfield in the 2016 contest against Mark Hunt.

The Beast Has Dealt With Some Severe Trauma

A Lesnar childhood friend recalled questioning Brock about the significance of his giant chest tattoo during an ESPN segment. “I felt like I always had a knife at my throat,” Lesnar retorted. In interviews and in his book, he has talked about suffering from physical and emotional trauma. He has also mentioned a history of drug and alcohol abuse early in his WWE career.

He has also struggled with anxiety due to his introverted nature and trying to be “on” in a WWE environment. When I’m in front of an audience, it just exhausts me, he admitted to Pat McAfee. Lesnar stated in the aforementioned ESPN interview, “I don’t recall my life for the past two years, which is probably due to booze and painkillers. I was suffering greatly, both psychologically and physically.”

Lesnar has had to deal not just with the emotional strain that comes from being a very private man in the very public world of professional wrestling but also with a series of horrifying physical wounds. He talked about performing while having knee, back, and neck problems, as well as wrestling “with my MCL blown out and three broken ribs, and I wrestled that way for six months since I had just been the champion.” Being a new champion and a relative newbie to wrestling encouraged Brock to push despite his ailments. In his autobiography, Brock describes his neck pain as caused by the infamously missed Shooting Star Press during his match with Kurt Angle at WrestleMania XIX.

If Brock Lesnar Could Type, We May Have Never Known Him

When Brock Lesnar was seventeen, he enlisted in the Army National Guard to work with explosives. In an interview with Flex, Brock stated, “Joining the National Guard transformed my life.” Lesnar claimed that the Guard “straightened my a** out right away” and that they were responsible for teaching him respect.

Lesnar was given a nine-week assignment at Missouri’s Fort Leonard Wood army supply unit. The boxes were organized according to the color in Lesnar’s book, and Brock was born red-green colorblind. Red-green colorblindness is a hereditary abnormality that affects one in 12 men globally. Lesnar was unable to safely pursue that career path as a result. Instead, a desk-based position was presented to him. He also failed to follow through on that. Brock was let go after failing a standardized typing exam.

Even though it’s probably not true, it’s entertaining to imagine a young, enraged Brock Lesnar failing a typing test and reacting by hurling a computer tower through a wall.

A Character From Attack On Titan Was Based On Brock’s Mountainous Physique

Brock Lesnar is a mountain of muscle, tattoos, and unconventional hairstyles, and he has a commanding presence. It is, therefore, not surprising that many painters have drawn inspiration for their most gruesome villains and enormous heroes from the behemoth wrestlers.

Professional wrestling and anime have a long history, with several films featuring pro wrestling maneuvers and tales. Author and illustrator Hajime Isayama displayed some concept art from 2013 and claimed that “Brock Lesnar is the model” for an “armor giant” he was working on in a blog post.

The illustration was created for Hajime’s well-known manga “Attack on Titan,” which tells the tale of a society overtaken by enormous “Titans” and the team of hunters tasked with eliminating them. Brock’s behemoth served as the model for the “Armored Titan” character in the show. It seems like the Beast Incarnate is the ideal fit.

Brock Lesnar Won His First Professional Bouts In Pro Wrestling And MMA

Before entering a WWE ring, Brock Lesnar succeeded in high school football and NCAA wrestling. He is committed to being the greatest at anything he sets his mind to. Vince McMahon, the CEO of WWE, didn’t want to let that kind of momentum go to waste when he hired him. On April 21, 2002, Lesnar won his first televised match on WWE Raw by defeating seasoned grappler Jeff Hardy. In addition, there wasn’t a contest. Hardy was easily flung around the ring by Lesnar, who eventually prevailed via knockout, an unusual conclusion on WWE TV.

Brock had a more difficult road ahead of him when he switched careers, first to the NFL and then to mixed martial arts. The Minnesota Vikings signed him to their practice squad after his successful NFL tryouts, although recent motorcycle accident injuries hindered his overall performance. Lesnar decided to pursue mixed martial arts after learning that he wouldn’t make the squad.

Brock prevailed in his first and only encounter with Hero’s, a K-1 Kickboxing derivative. The outcome of his match against kickboxer-turned-MMA fighter Kim Min-soo was similar to that of Brock Lesnar’s WWE debut. By technical knockout, Brock prevailed in 1:09 of the first round. Mounting Min-soo, he unleashed a barrage of powerful punches until the referee stopped the fight.

Lesnar Has Appeared In Over A Dozen Video Games, Some Not Even In A Wrestling Ring

Only seven months after making his WWE main roster debut, Brock Lesnar was featured on the cover of the PlayStation 2 game “WWE SmackDown: Shut Your Mouth.” Only two other WWE-licensed video games have included Lesnar as the primary character since then: “WWE SmackDown: Here Comes The Pain” for the PS2 in 2003 and “WWE 2K17,” which was published across multiple platforms in 2016.

Before leaving professional wrestling for the NFL and MMA, Lesnar was a member of the roster of four WWE releases. His first roster appearance in a significant console game after his comeback came in “WWE ’13,” He has subsequently been in every 2K branded WWE game and several other mobile games.

Some odd highlights include Brock’s first game appearance after returning to the WWE roster in April 2012 in “Apptivity WWE Rumblers,” an iOS toys-to-life game, and “WWE Crush Hour,” a car combat game for PS2 and GameCube released in 2003 that was similar to “Twisted Metal” and in which Brock drove an armored car.

Brock also participated in a couple of non-WWE games while not working for the organization. He appears in five UFC games, including THQ’s “UFC Undisputed 2010” where he was the cover athlete, Yuke’s “Wrestle Kingdom,” and EA’s “Madden NFL 06.”

Kurt Angle And Brock Lesnar Had An Amateur Wrestling Match In A Wwe Ring

Kurt Angle talked about defeating Lesnar in a “shoot” wrestling match in an interview with RF Video from 2017. Angle said that when they first met, Kurt thought Lesnar was haughty and “a jerk” and went out of his way to say that “Brock doesn’t deserve” to have this story shared.

Kurt claims that Lesnar said when Brock was questioned about how he would do against Angle in a real wrestling fight, “I’d murder him! He’s too little.” Angle claims he challenged Brock over that remark. “Come on, Kurt, you’re like, 215? Replied Brock. I’m 315.’ I remarked, “I have no issues; let’s enter the ring.” Brock’s claim that he didn’t have wrestling shoes stood alone for a while.

Later in the year, Brock and Big Show engaged in a friendly wrestling match in the ring in Fargo, North Dakota. Angle observed Lesnar throwing Big Show around, as reported on “Talk is Jericho,” and Kurt then demanded Show to leave as Brock was looking the other way.

Angle challenged Lesnar, Show agreed, and after saying “let’s go,” all wrestlers surrounded the ring in lumberjack fashion. By evading takedowns, obtaining a takedown of his own, and ultimately winning by points, Angle won the bout. Angle claims that the match lasted roughly 15 minutes.

Then-WWE Head of Talent Relations Jim Ross got into some heat for allowing the two to have a “genuine match” in a WWE ring. Angle did make a point to note Brock’s remarkable strength and quickness in that match. Angle claims that despite Lesnar having the advantage in height, speed, and strength, his experience, placement, and conditioning gave him the upper hand.

Long before they engaged in their impromptu match, Angle was confident he could beat Brock. Kurt observed two levels when talking about an Olympic gold medalist and an NCAA champion.

Brock Lesnar Is One Of Only A Few Americans To Hold The Iwgp Heavyweight Championship

Lesnar attempted to join the NFL after leaving WWE following his controversial WrestleMania XX match with Goldberg. Brock did not make the Minnesota Vikings’ roster despite having a good training camp and was left hunting for a job. Brock wrote in his book, “I couldn’t decide which direction to go, and then my lawyer, David Olsen, called me with some exciting news” (via Pro Wrestling Stories). In touch with New Japan Pro-Wrestling was Olsen.

Lesnar was allowed to headline the storied Tokyo Dome despite this being only his first match in Japan, thanks to his performances with WWE. Brock, though, had consented to a lengthy non-compete clause in his contract. Nevertheless, Lesnar decided to sign with New Japan.

WWE filed a lawsuit to defend its interests because, as Bruce Prichard of WWE stated on his podcast (via Post Wrestling), “we had made the investment in him in the sports-entertainment area and wanted to safeguard that[.]” Due to those legal complications, none of Brock’s three championship defenses was postponed, and WWE and Lesnar eventually settled.

On October 8, 2005, Lesnar won the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship during the New Japan Pro Wrestling pay-per-view Toukon Souzou New Chapter by defeating Masahiro Chono and Kazuyuki Fujita. This was Lesnar’s first appearance in the promotion. The IWGP World Heavyweight Championship of NJPW, which was retired in 2021, has only ever been held by American-born wrestlers Big Van Vader, Masahiro Chono, Scott Norton, Bob Sapp, Brock Lesnar, and AJ Styles.


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