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Brock Lesnar Injury: People Worried After Brock Lesnar Collapsed During WrestleMania 39

Brock Lesnar Injury

Brock Lesnar Injury

Brock Lesnar has established himself as one of the best wrestlers in the WWE throughout the years. His charisma has grown due to his capacity to dominate opponents twice his size.

Yet, The Beast Incarnate is also well recognized for selling moves, a quality most skilled wrestlers share.

The former WWE champion faced The Nigerian Giant Omos on April 2 at the SoFi Stadium in his 12th WrestleMania appearance.

The game was action-packed despite being over in less than five minutes. The best maneuvers from each wrestler were used to attack the other, but Brock emerged victorious.

But Omos wasn’t willing to relinquish control over Lesnar. The crowd reacted when the 6x WWE champion collapsed due to his initial beating during the match.

Fans Feared For Brock Lesnar After Omos Beatdown

Despite falling short in the fight, the 403-pound, 7-foot-3-inch Nigerian monster gave Lesnar a taste of his medicine.

The Beast Incarnate was known for destroying opponents with his unbridled power, but he encountered Omos, a worthy foe.

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A few seconds after the bell, the Nigerian Giant threw him away before successfully blocking a suplex from the 45-year-old. Lesnar crumbled while attempting an F5 after taking a few body shots from the big.

Fans expressed their concerns over the situation on Twitter.

“Brock is an absolute monster Lifted Omos at 45, I’m hoping the beast isn’t Injured,” one fan wrote.

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