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Bruce Willis’ Wife Thanks Fans For Support Amid Heartbreaking News

Devastating Announcement Prompts Bruce Willis' Wife To Express Gratitude To 'Caring And Supportive' Fans

Devastating Announcement Prompts Bruce Willis' Wife To Express Gratitude To 'Caring And Supportive' Fans

Since Bruce Willis’ fight with dementia has garnered much attention, his wife, Emma Heming Willis, has expressed gratitude to those who have been “so loving and caring” to the couple.

The 44-year-old’s recent admission that the 68-year-old actor’s treatment choices are incredibly “slim” was received with an outpouring of solidarity.

She recently posted to her Instagram Story about how “lucky” she feels to have such a loving group of people in her life. Emma shared a video on her new Make Time Wellness brand of a friend unwrapping a present from the company.

In the post’s caption, Emma wrote: “The FTD community is so loving, caring and supportive. Thank you @remembermepodcast. I’m lucky to know you ladies.”

The post comes after she had previously made an open admission regarding the state of her spouse, but she emphasized that she would not give up the fight.

The model stated that “options are slim” for Bruce while praising the director Max Lugavere for his newest documentary, which focuses on his mother’s struggles with dementia and was inspired by his mother’s own experiences.

Fox News shared a tweet where Bruce Willis’ wife says ‘options are slim’ with dementia treatment.

“When you live the world of dementia you know that options are slim,” Emma shared the news with her followers on Instagram.

“But some won’t take that lying down which is how change is made, and I got to witness the beauty in that last night.”

Continuing her conversation about Max, she stated, “His motivation to find answers from leading health experts is inspiring and then be so gracious to share that information is a true blessing.”

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Emma also says: “Thank you Max for being so brave and vulnerable to share the journey and spotlighting the importance of brain health.”

Her comments section was swiftly flooded with praise from her admirers, with one person writing: “Thank you for all your doing to help us understand more of how to deal with a loved one with Dementia.”

One more devoted follower commented: “Thank you Emm for sharing this and Max for making it! Hope to see it! Prayers for you both and your families!”

A third individual commented, “So important today,” accompanied by a hands-clapping emoji.

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