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How Much Does Butterbean Weight Loss? The Journey From Super Heavyweight to Super Fit!

Butterbean Weight Loss

Eric David Scott Esch, better known by his ring name “Butterbean”, is a former heavyweight boxer, kickboxer, MMA fighter, and professional wrestler from the United States. He has been featured in several shows and mentioned by several people, making him a television personality.

After a successful spell competing in Toughman Contests, Esch turned professional in 1994. He later won the WAA heavyweight and IBA super heavyweight titles. Former super heavyweight boxing champion Butterbean stated he had lost during the previous two years.

The 57-year-old fighter, whose real name is Eric Esch, made it a point to brag on Instagram earlier this week about his physique makeover. He has been exercising at DDP Yoga, the lifestyle rehabilitation facility run by former professional wrestler and champion Diamond Dallas.

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Butterbean Weight Loss

Butterbean began his life-changing weight loss adventure by signing up for a reality TV docuseries that followed the development of him and five other participants while providing advice from veteran professional wrestler Diamond Dallas. He started eating meals high in protein and low in carbs when he was 57, resulting in a spectacular weight loss.

Butterbean shared his journey and said that a public weigh-in proved he had lost nearly 15 stone. In stark contrast to his peak years in combat sports, when he weighed about 75 pounds more, the scales read 200 pounds, the smallest he has ever been at 21.7 stone.

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Concerns for his well-being and realising the significance of enhancing his general health and lifespan led to the beginning of this health-focused journey. Esch entered the professional boxing scene in 1994 after success in the Toughman Contest circuit. He earned victories in the heavyweight and super heavyweight titles of the World Athletic Association (WAA).

From 2003, he switched to kickboxing and mixed martial arts, most notably competing in fights under the K-1 and Pride Fighting Championships banners. With 97 victories, 24 defeats, and five draws to his name altogether, Butterbean has a remarkable 65 knockouts and nine submits.

Eric Scott Esch, sometimes known as “Butterbean,” is a former heavyweight boxer who stands 1.8 meters tall and has distinguished himself in several combat sports. Butterbean, who stands at 1.8 meters (5 feet 11 inches tall), has demonstrated his skills in boxing, kickboxing, mixed martial arts, and professional wrestling.

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Despite their commanding physical presence, he was successful due to his talents, tenacity, and various fighting techniques. His company in combat sports is cemented by his height, which, along with his illustrious fighting record, has made him a recognizable figure both inside the ring and on television.

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