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California Advances Goal Of Reparations For Black Residents!

California Advances Goal Of Reparations For Black Residents

California Advances Goal Of Reparations For Black Residents

California Advances Goal Of Reparations For Black Residents! This week saw a continuation of efforts to push the Reparations Task Force established by Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom in California. One activist demanded that $350,000 be provided to each qualified Black person in the state. Eric Adams, the mayor of New York City, supported the California initiative and one in his state to distribute reparations to people and businesses.

The action in California follows the publication in June of a 500-page study on instances of “segregation, racial terror, and damaging racist neglect” by a task force that was the first of its kind in the country. The task force will now determine how much each Black citizen might receive.

The appropriation of property by the government, the undervaluation of Black-owned enterprises, housing discrimination and homelessness, mass imprisonment and overpolicing, and health are among the issues that are being considered for financial compensation, according to The Guardian.

California Advances Goal Of Reparations For Black Residents

2020 saw the signing of legislation by Newsom establishing the task committee and investigating reparations. The task force is investigating the beginning and end dates of these harms. Only residents of California who can prove ancestry as Black Americans from the nineteenth century will be permitted to apply.

Max Fennell, a 35-year-old coffee company owner, said every person should receive $350,000 in compensation to close the racial wealth gap, and Black-owned businesses should receive $250,000, which would help them to flourish, according to the Guardian, which cited one attendee at the taskforce meeting who put the figure at that level.

Added him, “We provided our services without charge. Thus, it is owed. We are telling you; we are not requesting.” According to the task force’s economic expert team, California would pay $223,200 per person in early December. Despite a nearly $100 billion surplus in the previous fiscal year, California officials declared in November that the state was anticipating a $25 million loss in 2019.

Democrat NYC Mayor Eric Adams was questioned about reparations in New York at a speech on affordable housing on December 8 and referenced California’s initiatives. He answered, “I agree with it. I believe the time has come.” He declared, “We must concentrate on those businesses and corporations whose foundation of wealth was derived from slavery. And I applaud the Albany legislators who are paying attention to this.”

“I’m 100 percent supportive of what they’re doing,” Adams said in his conclusion. The task force in California has until July 1, 2023, to provide its final report to the state assembly.

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