Cannon Busters season 2 Renewal Confirmed or Not?

Cannon Busters was an amazing American animated series. It was adopted from the comic which was published by LeSean Thomas in 2015. This series was produced by Satelight and Yumeta company and announced on 2nd August 2017.

It was premiered first time on Netflix on 15th August 2019.  It got whelming success after the launching. It had a total of 12 episodes each has a running time of around 24 minutes which was pretty good. It has millions of fan following.

This series has full of adventure, drama, and imagination. It got a rating of 6.7 out of 10 from IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes give 100% on the behalf of 7 votes. If we see it got a positive response from the viewers. We have an update regarding season 2 that will be discussed further, stay with us till the end.

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Cannon Busters Season 2 Renewal Status?

Cannon Busters season 2 is a most awaited season. People are stuck between renewal and cancellation. There is no official statement made by the creators for release. The creators are of which parameters they use to renew a series. It is difficult to predict but we explain the parameters to you.

First of all when they launch any series after searching the success and failure rate. After release, they grabbed the result and social media observation, ratings and then they decide what will be next. You have to wait for the announcement of the next installment. We are keeping an eye and if we got any fresh updates, we will update the article.

Cannon Busters Season 2 Storyline

Before discussing Cannon Busters Season 2, we have to look at the previous season. It is a story of an immortal bandit whose name is Philly the kid. He was running in dessert to the bounty place and that was the land of Gearbolt.

A group of anime travelers went on a mission to reunite two best friends. The Two robots take Philly the kid to his friend Kelby At the end of the last season, Kelby was in the kidnapper’s bust S.A.M and its group was unable to rescue Kelby from them. Kelby was taken to an Emperor, there was more enemy in front of the Kelby and S.A.M.

Finally, a friendship robot S.A.M finds that she is a Cannon Busters too. It built millions of followers and People were thinking about season 2. We hope the next installment will be released shortly. It was a great gift to the viewers and we will see a smile on the viewer’s faces.

Cannon Busters season 2 Cast: Who will be the part of the next installment?

Cannon Busters has a good image in the viewer’s heart and season 2 is not confirmed still. If it will announce we can expect the casts can re-appear in the next installment who are mentioned below:

Main Characters

  • Philly the Kid as Kenny Blank
  • Samberry as Kamali Minter
  • Prince Kelby as Zeno Robinson
  • Locke as Billy Bob Thompson
  • 9ine as Greg Chun
  • Casey Turnbuckle as Stephanie Sheh
  • Odin as Darien Sills-Evans

Supporting characters

  • Hild as Angelique Perrin
  • Dex as  Mela Lee
  • Bridge as Marin Miller
  • Manic as  Kausar Mohammed
  • Coin as Angelique Perrin
  • King Bulgher as John Eric Bentley
  • 12Welve as Sumalee Montano
  • Lady Day as Debra Wilson
  • Jojo as Melissa Hutchison

Cannon Busters season 2 Trailer?

It was impossible to get a trailer without the prior announcement of the next installment but you can watch the previous trailer to refresh your mind.


Rico:-I will admit that I never noticed any of it because I didn’t watch any of the anime you named similarities to. I liked Cannon Busters a lot because I enjoyed the characters and the humor in it, but they had a few issues with the story. I’m hoping they get a season two and really focus on making the story as intriguing as the characters.
thaneros:- Like most Shonen anime, the first season is just the set-up. Sure it’s formulaic but its cast is likable. I want a second season and hopefully, the show will do its own thing.
Rohan Kaushik:- Interesting !! I was not aware of the series and the artwork and animation look great. The show’s creator has also taken a very interesting path towards the realization of his ideas on-screen. It’s a huge achievement for him. Good to see you released a video after a while Lavapasta !!
BS1:-This Journey through Cannon Busters has been quite beautiful. Massive Respect to the whole team who created this. The music intro/ending shows so much heart. Mass Fan!!!!!!
has a western taste but it Doesn’t stay in that feeling all the time. It can get serious but funny as hell, it’s a Gun and a Rose. want more…..yes this is not my anime visuals style, but man it did have its moment Artistically. Give these guys that Ghost in The Shell money it will look like a masterpiece!!!!!!

Final Words

Cannon Busters season 2 is a story of robots and anime where robots help to reunite two friends. This story was good. We think creators need more improvement in this series. If creators come back with the next installment that must be an upper-level story. We hope creators listen to fans and come back with a unique and more amazing story.
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