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Carmello Anthony Net Worth: Does Carmelo Anthony Own Any Businesses?

Carmello Anthony Net Worth

Carmello Anthony Net Worth

Famous NBA basketball player Carmello Anthony was born on May 29, 1984. While participating in the sport in high school, he achieved early fame. Anthony rose to fame despite his lowly beginnings thanks to his erratic movements, the air of ease, and unbothered levity. In the modern era, he ranks among the NBA’s highest scorers.

He published his memoir, “Where Tomorrow’s Aren’t Promised,” in 2021, and was proud of it. It went on to become a “New York Times” bestseller.

Carmello Anthony’s Net Worth

Former NBA player Carmelo Anthony, who was born in Brooklyn, has a $160 million dollar net worth. Anthony has received six times on the All-NBA Team and ten times as an NBA All-Star.

Carmello Anthony Net Worth

Carmelo Anthony’s Parents

The parents of Carmelo Anthony are Mary Anthony and Carmelo Iriarte.

Carmelo Iriarte, his father, was a Puerto Rican who was born in Manhattan. Iriarte has ancestors from Venezuela as well as from Africa, Spain, and the indigenous people of Mexico. African-American is his mother, Mary Anthony.

The family relocated to Baltimore when Anthony was just a young child. Tragically, his father p@ssed away, leaving his mother to care for him and his older brothers. Among four children, he is the youngest.

Carmello Anthony Wife

Long ago, La La Anthony and Carmelo Anthony got hitched. Despite getting married in 2010 and getting engaged on Christmas Day in 2004, the couple had been living apart intermittently since their initial split in April 2017.

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Carmello Anthony Career

He published his memoir, “Where Tomorrow’s Aren’t Promised,” in 2021, and was proud of it. It went on to become a “New York Times” bestseller. Would you like to honor his birthday? To start, let’s get to know him better. Anthony, much to the amazement of many, is not just a superb basketball player but also an actor.

He has made an appearance in the well-known comedy-drama “Nurse Jackie,” in which he portrays a professional basketball player quite well. Fans can also catch him in a quick cameo on “Sons of Anarchy.”

Anthony utilizes his fortune and celebrity to assist those in need, and fans will be glad to know this.

Does Carmelo Anthony Own Any Businesses?

In addition, Anthony runs the wine label Seventh Estate and the media production company Creative 7. Earlier this year, he teamed up with Isos Capital to launch Isos 7 Sports Investments, a $750 million private equity fund that focuses on startups in the sports industry.


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