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Carol Burnett Net Worth 2022: How Much Money Does Burnett Make?

Carol Burnett Net Worth

Carol Burnett Net Worth

Carol Burnett Net Worth: Carol Burnett is a well-known American actress and comedian. She is unquestionably a pioneer in television entertainment and is best known for appearing on the venerable television variety program “The Carol Burnett Show.”

Her life is the epitome of the “rags to riches” tale, starting with a difficult time in her early years and ending with all the glitz and glamour. She used grief to fuel a life filled with laughter, smiles, comedy, and entertainment.

Burnett first appeared in the entertainment industry as a guest star, but she rapidly asserted her authority and embarked on an illustrious career. She developed a clumsy slapstick comedic style over time, which the audience adores. The Carol Burnett Show, which she produced for eleven years and 286 episodes, was her best work, though she also did theater and films.

The program gave spectators a taste of an improved television variety show that featured comic sketches in parodies, musical numbers, weekly guest stars, and a question-and-answer session, in addition to allowing her to showcase her many talents. She has ruled the field throughout her five decades as a comedienne and stage performer, winning many accolades.

Carol Burnett Early Life

On April 26, 1933, in San Antonio, Texas, Carol Creighton Burnett was born to Joseph Thomas Burnett and Ina Louise. Her mother was a publicity writer, while her father ran a movie theater.
Burnett endured a difficult upbringing. Her parents were alcoholics, both of them.

After their divorce, she was reared by her maternal grandmother, who instilled a love of movies in the young Burnett. In 1951, she received her diploma from Hollywood High School. She then enrolled in journalism at the University of California, Los Angeles.

But after her first year, she changed her major to English and theatre arts. Burnett yearned to enroll in a playwright program, but she had to take acting classes first. She joined reluctantly but became so enamored that she decided to pursue acting as a career.

She appeared in various university plays and theater ensembles. She realized her innate musical talent and comedic timing with each performance. Even though her mother disapproved of her acting career, she persisted in following her newfound interest.

Her performance at a professor’s exclusive party during her final year was what guaranteed her a successful future. She received a $1000 interest-free loan from a patron who was so moved by her performance that she could fulfill her ambition of moving to New York and working in show business.

Carol Burnett’s Personal Life

Carol Burnett initially met her husband, Dan Saroyan, in college. Despite getting hitched in 1955, they separated in 1962. She wed T.V. producer Joe Hamilton in 1963, and the two later divorced in 1984 after having three kids together.

Carol Burnett Net Worth

Their daughter’s battle with drug addiction was a major contributing cause to their divorce. Carol Burnett married Brian Miller, a drummer for the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, in 2001. Brian was 23 years her junior.

Carol Burnett Career

She departed for New York City in 1954. After a few appearances on local shows, she finally got her big break in 1955, playing the girlfriend of a ventriloquist’s dummy on the well-known children’s television program “The Paul Winchell and Jerry Mahoney Show.”

She was cast as Buddy Hackett’s clumsy girlfriend in the 1956 season of the N.B.C. sitcom Stanley. Burnett began performing in nightclubs and lounges in New York due to its premature end. Her excellent rendition of the novelty tune “I Made A Fool of Myself” at this time had the audience in fits of laughter. Look at Kendrick Lamar and Trevor Noah’s respective net worths.

She made nighttime variety program appearances on The Tonight Show with Jack Paar and The Ed Sullivan Show in 1957. She participated in “Pantomine Quiz,” the first game show on television, that same year. Although Burnett’s television performance helped her build a sizable fan base, her Broadway debut helped her achieve success.

Her first Tony Award nomination came from her performance as Princess Winnifred in the Broadway musical comedy “Once Upon a Mattress” in 1959. She started appearing regularly in 1959 on the well-liked variety show “The Garry Moore Show,” which ran until 1962.

She portrayed various personalities for the show, the most endearing of which was the put-up cleaning lady who eventually became her alter ego. She won her first Emmy in the Outstanding Performance in a Variety or Musical Program or Series category.

Burnett became well-known thanks to the Moore Show’s extraordinary success. She continued to build on her triumph by starring alongside Julie Andrews in “Julie and Carol at Carnegia Hall,” which earned her a second Emmy. She made multiple guest appearances on shows during this time.

She made her formal cinema debut in 1963 with the release of Who’s Been Sleeping in My Bed? She appeared in a light comedy with Dean Martin and Elizabeth Montgomery. She appeared in the Broadway musical “Fade Out-Fade In” in 1964, but her performance was cut short by a neck injury.

She briefly made a comeback, although she did so to leave the show and join the short-lived variety show “The Entertainers.” Because of their friendship, she had recurrent roles as a brutal corporal and a gunnery sergeant in Jim Nabors’ popular television series “Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C..”

She met Lucille Ball in 1966, and the two became fast friends. She made multiple appearances on the former’s flagship program, “The Lucy Show.” Her character in the program transformed a shy and self-conscious individual into a fashion icon.

The Carol Burnett Show

When Burnett’s signature program, “The Carol Burnett Show,” debuted on C.B.S. in September 1967, her illustrious career reached its zenith. The program featured a brilliant group of humorous actors, musical numbers, comedy sketches, weekly guest stars, and a question-and-answer segment.

They mocked movies, shows, and advertisements. The Carol Burnett Show was a great hit in its debut season and attracted devoted viewers who stuck with it throughout all the seasons. The program received 23 Emmy Awards throughout its eleven-year run and multiple Golden Globe nominations.

Burnett concluded the program positively after determining it had reached its climax. The two-hour farewell episode, which broadcast on March 17, 1978, featured a retrospective of memorable episodes from the show’s existence as well as cameos from guests and some of the recurring characters’ most popular gags.

Four post-script episodes of the program were broadcast on A.B.C. in the summer of 1979 under the title “Carol Burnett and the Company.” She entered the world of cinema immediately after her program ended. She ventured outside her comedy comfort zone with the television movie “Friendly Fire” and tried her hand at drama.

During this time, she also starred in the movies “Life of the Party: The Story of Beatrice,” “The Four Seasons,” “Annie,” and “Noises Off.” She returned to television in the 1990s with a few variety shows, including “Desperate Housewives,” “Mad About You,” “Touched by an Angel,” “Magnum, P.I.,” and “Carol & Company” (for which she received an Emmy).

She returned to Broadway in 1995 with the production of “Moon Over Buffalo.” She was nominated for a Tony Award for the same. She appeared in the Broadway production of “Putting It Together” in 1999.

She co-wrote a play based on her best-selling memoir, “One More Time,” in 2002 with her daughter Carrie (1986). Renowned actors played significant roles in the performance. She wrote another memoir titled “This Time Together” in 2010.

She appeared as a guest star on numerous episodes between 2008 and 2012, including the comedy series Horton Hears a Who!, the drama “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” “Glee,” and the animated film “The Secret of Arrietty.” Burnett has recently appeared on television for the shows “Hot in Cleveland” and “Hawaii Five-O.”

Carol Burnett’s Net Worth

American actress, comedian, writer, and singer Carol Burnett is worth $45 million. After a lengthy and fruitful television career, Carol Burnett has established herself as one of the most well-known and adored people in entertainment history.

She rose to fame as an actress in theater, radio, and television, perhaps most notably for presenting The Carol Burnett Show on C.B.S. Carol Burnett has garnered numerous honors for her contributions to the entertainment industry.

Real Estate

It was revealed in 1999 that Carol Burnett had spent $2 million on an oceanfront home in Montecito, Santa Barbara. Then, she oversaw significant upgrades to her new 5,000-square-foot, one-story house, including a major kitchen redesign.

According to the reports, Burnett intended to make the residence her “main home.” Oprah Winfrey spent $50 million on a Montecito, California, house in 2001, even though it wasn’t listed for sale.

This spawned what media outlets called “the Oprah effect,” which led other local homeowners to offer their properties for exorbitant rates. Oprah’s aggressive real estate move prompted Carol Burnett, one of these homeowners, to list her Montecito residence for $36 million.

Years later, it was revealed that Carol Burnett was still residing in her Montecito property despite her selling attempts. The flat in Trump Towers that Burnett managed to sell for $5.58 million in 2008, though, The opulent condo, which is 2,000 square feet, has crown molding and looks out over Central Park.

Carol Burnett also continues to possess a home in Santa Fe and a residence on Manhattan’s Wilshire Boulevard.

Final Lines

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