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Who Are Chloe Clancy Parents? Meet Her Family

Chloe Clancy Parents

Chloe Clancy Parents

Young model and social media influencer Chloe Clancy has become well-known due to her relationship with artist Tyler, The Creator. She is frequently spotted hanging out with him and other Odd Future members. But what are Chloe Clancy’s parents up to? Let’s learn more about her relationship with Tyler and her family history.

Chloe Clancy Parents

Christian and Kelly Clancy, who make up one-half of Odd Future’s management team, are Chloe’s parents. A veteran of the music business, Christian Clancy has collaborated with artists such as Dr. Dre, Eminem, and 50 Cent. In addition, he founded 4 Strikes, a creative and management organization that represents Odd Future among other artists.

Kelly Clancy is a former marketing executive and publicist who has collaborated with a number of businesses and performers. She is the creative director of Tyler’s apparel line, Golf Wang, and a co-founder of 4 Strikes.

The Clancys have played a significant role in establishing Odd Future’s reputation and success while also encouraging Tyler’s development as an artist. They also wanted Chloe to be shielded from the public and media at an early age, so they have been fierce guardians of her privacy. Despite her strong ties to the music industry, they have made an effort to provide her with a typical upbringing and education.

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Chloe Clancy and Tyler, The Creator: A Special Bond

Beyond the ordinary friendship, Chloe and Tyler share an extraordinary bond. Chloe has known Tyler since she was a newborn, and he views her as his little sister. He has frequently shown her how much he loves and admires her in his songs and on social media. He even wrote a song called “Dogtooth” specifically for her, in which he raps about wanting to shield her from the outside world and shower her with presents.

Chloe has also shared photos and videos of herself and Tyler on her Instagram account, expressing her gratitude and love for him. She has also starred in a few of his music videos and modeled for his clothes business. He has received recognition from her for being a role model and having a good impact on her life.

Chloe Clancy Age

Chloe Clancy is a well-known social media influencer praised for creating entertaining videos that have captured viewers’ attention on various online platforms. As Chloe was born on July 24, 2007, she is 16 years old in 2023.

Chloe Clancy’s mother shared a post about her daughter on Instagram post:

Chloe Clancy: A Rising Star

Chloe is more than just the manager’s or celebrity’s kid. She is a budding celebrity in her way. Since the age of 14, she has been a model, having done campaigns for companies including Urban Outfitters, PacSun, and Converse. In addition, she has gained a sizable fan base on social media, where she displays her hobbies, style, and personality. She is presently pursuing a degree in communication at the University of Southern California. She has additionally stated that she enjoys photography, painting, and music.

Chloe Clancy is a young lady with great talent and potential. She has a devoted and well-known friend in addition to a caring and encouraging family. She is savoring every second of her most remarkable life. In the future, she is undoubtedly someone to keep an eye on.

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