Chris Evans had to transform his body for ‘Captain America’ after years doing basic ‘college workouts’ that left him with big arms and little legs, his trainer says

Thanks to the marvellous success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, actor Chris Evans became synonymous with the Avengers. However, the Knives Out actor had a pretty long resume before playing Steve Rogers, including his previous comic book films. And Evans’ trainer recently revealed that he skipped many leg days before playing Captain America.

Chris Evans made his Captain America debut in 2011 when The First Avengers hit theatres. He’s had multiple roles on the big screen and showed off an utterly ripped superhero physique. He spent countless hours in the gym achieving these changes, including incorporating more leg workouts into his routine.

Chris Evans’ character Steve Rogers went through a dramatic body change from a skinny kid to a fat super Soldier in the 2011 film Captain America: The First Avenger. According to his coach Simon Waterson, Evans underwent similar but less dramatic changes backstage.

Waterson, the author of the recently published book “Intelligent Fitness: The Smart Way to Reboot Your Body and Get in Shape, told Insider that when he started training Evans for the first Captain America movie in 2010, the then-28-year-old actor had the body of a typical college graduate, muscular with imbalanced biceps, chest and core. 

“He had a lot of exercises, but he was a bit off-balance because he had ‘college workouts’,” Waterson says. “He just trained his biceps, chest and abs.” He added: “He can push a lot, but he doesn’t pull a lot. So he didn’t deadlift, he didn’t do a lot of pull-ups, and his legs weren’t overdeveloped.”

Chris Evans had to transform his body for 'Captain America' after years doing basic 'college workouts' that left him with big arms and little legs, his trainer says

Apparently, before their collaboration, Simon Waterson had some thoughts on how Chris Evans trained. And while he was still looking good on projects like  Fantastic Four, he adapted the training of the actors to give them the look of a complete superhero which includes legs like a tree trunk. Simon Waterson’s comments show how the duo systematically approached Chris Evan’s transformation into Captain America. He was torn from fit to a superhero in the process and kept it for 10 years playing Steve Rogers on the big screen. It made him look super strong and sold a sequence like when Cap used only the power of his arm to stop Bucky’s helicopter from taking off in the Civil War.

Waterson said he helped Evans master an exercise routine that exerts strength on muscles that did not do enough work. This allowed the actor to promote a more balanced physique and improve the mobility of the action scene. According to Waterson, the training routine developed in 2010 is the same as what the actor followed as a character for nine years, ending after the Avengers: Endgame was released in 2019.

Waterson gave another name to Evan’s approach to fitness before they met. 

 “What he called college training in the United States, we call it pub training in the UK,” Waterson says. “It’s all about moving the muscles of your pub, and the muscles of your pub  are on display for everyone else and not there for yourself.”  According to Waterson, it stresses the body’s appearance and the spine. This is especially true if you focus too much on your chest without strengthening your back muscles. 

 This type of imbalance can cause spinal curvature in extreme cases, such as B. kyphosis. It can also increase the risk of injury.

According to Waterson, one of the areas Evans struggled with early on was lower body training. Before 2010, the focus was on the upper body and trunk. But he eventually gained experience and mastered them. 

 Waterson added that the two-legged workouts that fixed Evan’s lower body development were squats and deadlifts.

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