.CLUB Reduces Prices of Some Premium Domains

The .club registry has reduced the prices of some of their premium domain names. It is a part of their twice a year adjustments to their premium domain name inventory. This inventory is available through registrars. The .club team is suggesting that for those in the market for a great, SEO friendly, brandable keyword domain this is their best update yet.

The reductions have come about so a number of their domain names available at registrars could fit within authorised premium tiers. This means some names that were formerly in the “super premium” category are now available at very attractive prices, in many cases at $10,000 or less. Many of these domain names were previously only available at aftermarket platforms. They’re now available through registrars. In addition, some domain names that were previously registry reserved have now been released for sale. All .club premium names have standard renewal fees.

Among the newly repriced domains are:


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