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Corey Harrison Illness: The Truth Behind the Rumors

Corey Harrison Illness

Corey Harrison Illness

Fans are understandably worried as there are a lot of tales floating around the internet about Corey Harrison, who may be having a stroke. Richard Corey, sometimes known as Corey Harrison, works at the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas and is a character on the History Channel program Pawn Stars.

Along with his father, American billionaire and reality TV personality Rick Harrison, he is the joint owner. Harrison, also known by his nickname “Big Hoss,” began working at the company when he was nine years old.

Eventually, he was in charge of 30 staff members and the store’s daily operations. Rick is preparing to take over the store after he retires because he was the largest spender there. Harrison regularly finds himself in conflict with his father and grandfather on Pawn Stars because of his expertise with the store’s merchandise.

Does Corey Harrison Have Any Illnesses?

Richard Corey, sometimes known as Corey Harrison, is a cast member of Pawn Stars. Is Corey Harrison Sick? This has been a topic of much recent curiosity. After undergoing a significant weight-loss procedure, Corey Harrison has not experienced any severe medical conditions.

Corey Harrison’s stroke rumors are just that—rumors. He’s now successful and content. There is no need to look into any medical conditions. However, Corey unexpectedly survived a catastrophic motorcycle accident in 2014. He was on the verge of death in it.

Where Did Corey Harrison’s Extra Pounds Go?

Corey Harrison dropped pounds for personal gain rather than health. And even if a casual observer may mistake his 50% weight reduction for illness. Reality TV personality Corey Harrison decided to have weight loss surgery three years after discovering he had pre-diabetes. Corey’s determination to shed weight at the doctor’s appointment was what turned his life around.

You can check out the tweet below:

Corey dropped almost 200 pounds from a peak weight of about 400. He lost fifty pounds in the first six weeks following his gastric band surgery and an additional one hundred pounds by the end of the first year. He had lost approximately 150 pounds, or about half of his total weight, through shaving.

Corey Harrison changed his exercise, gym, and physical activity regimens in addition to his diet. In order to assist him shed extra pounds, the reality star had lap band surgery and is currently on a nutritious diet and workout regimen.

Where Is Pawn Stars’ Corey Now?

Harrison has overcome all obstacles to become a co-owner of the family business and the manager of the pawn shop. Harrison changed his lifestyle following an enlightening medical visit where he discovered he had pre-diabetes. Harrison lost 200 pounds after surgery, down from 400 pounds. He altered his diet and exercise schedule as well.

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Does Corey Harrison Have A Wife?

Harrison has experienced two divorces and has not had the best luck in love, much like his father, Rick. His high school girlfriend, Charlene, was his first wife. They got married in 2009 and separated formally in 2015. Even though Harrison’s official explanation was kept a secret from the public, speculation has it that his hectic schedule and love of partying were the cause.

In 2017, Harrison wed Korina “Kiki” Harrison again. Even though they were only married for a year, the marriage ended amicably. Richard Benjamin Harrison, their son, was born not long after Korina became pregnant during the procedure.

Though neither partner has responded to rumors that the couple has mended, there have been rumors that they have. Corey has a long history with Tara Pasley. Furthermore, he has been posting pictures of an unknown blonde on Instagram lately.

Corey Harrison Arrested

Corey Harrison was arrested on September 8, 2023, in Las Vegas on suspicion of driving under the influence. According to the Messenger, Corey flew to Las Vegas and placed an order for a drink. Seven hours later, Corey was pulled driving and taken into custody following a field sobriety test.

You can see the tweet below:

He consented to take the blood test when the police informed him that he would be detained for the entire weekend. Still, he was freed after a few hours. Regarding Corey’s arrest, the Las Vegas Police Department has not released any information.

Corey Harrison Net Worth 2023

Corey Harrison is well-known for his performances in reality TV shows and his prosperous business career. A source claims that Corey Harrison has a net worth of $4 million.

He once possessed an enormous home in Las Vegas. It features a home cinema, a game room, and a bar, and he paid $1 million for it. Corey listed the house in 2016, but it didn’t sell for $2 million when it was sold in 2022.

He began working at the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, owned by his family when he was very young. At the moment, he shares ownership of the pawn shop.

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