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Dan Jewett Net Worth 2022: How Much Does He Make Per Year?

Dan Jewett Net Worth

Dan Jewett Net Worth

Dan Jewett Net Worth: Dan Jewett, a chemistry teacher from Seattle, attracted national notice when he wed MacKenzie Scott, a writer and philanthropist. In 2021, she ranked as the third wealthiest woman in the world and the 21st richest person.

Scott and Jewett made significant charitable donations after their split from Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon, bringing attention to the wealth divide in the US. But less than two years after announcing their marriage and their promise to donate money jointly, Scott filed for divorce from him in September 2022, and Jewett recently made headlines once more.

Dan Jewett Early Life

Dan Jewett, who received a degree in chemistry, was born on March 6, 1975, in Seattle, Washington. Jewett has extensive experience teaching science. At Hansa Studios in London, he started his first position as a teacher.

Josh Verlin, a sportswriter from Philadelphia, claims that from 2006 to 2007, Jewett taught AP chemistry at Harriton High School in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. Also,  check Emma Chamberlain Net Worth and James Earl Jones’s Net Worth

Dan Jewett Net Worth

Dan Jewett Personal Life

Two years after Mackenzie divorced Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, Jewett discreetly wed the philanthropist and novelist Mackenzie Scott in March 2021. From 1993 through 2013, Scott was married to Jeff Bezos. The couple has four kids together.

Due to the substantial amount of money at stake, this divorce attracted much media interest. After their divorce, Scott received $38 billion from Bezos after their property was split in half, making him the 12th richest person in the world.

She currently has a net worth of $53 billion, of which Scott has donated almost $6 billion to charities since their divorce in 2020. She has also just committed an additional $2.7 billion to education.

Jewett and Scott choose to stay in Seattle with their four children after getting married and sharing it on the Giving Pledge website. Rumour has it that Jewett also has a grown child. As part of The Giving Pledge initiative, Scott and Jewett have donated money to 286 organizations, many of which are educational institutions.


But in September 2022, Scott requested a divorce from Jewett in Washington State’s King County Superior Court. Records from the court show that Mr Jewett did not object to the divorce. The petition claims that any property division is covered by a couple’s private, signed separation agreement. Jewett’s Pledge letter was missing from, a non-profit organization founded by Bill Gates after the divorce was filed. Additionally, Jewett is no longer featured in her Amazon biography.

Dan Jewett Career

From 2011 through 2016, Jewett then began working at the Bush School. He has also held positions at Eastern University’s observatory. Later, he started working at Seattle’s only private school Lakeside School.

Since 2019, many well-known individuals, including Jeff and MacKenzie’s four children and Maria Fitel, the first president of the Nike Foundation, have been attending Lakeside. It is uncertain whether Jewett is still employed at Lakeside, where he supposedly met MacKenzie.

Dan Jewett’s Net Worth

Dan Jewett’s net worth is projected to reach $1 million as of 2022. Jewett makes between $60,000 and $100,000 per year teaching chemistry. He works at one of the best private high schools in the country and is on the higher end of that spectrum due to his expertise as a teacher.

Media outlets have increasingly focused on his wife Scott’s enormous wealth. Particularly considering her commitment to the Giving Pledge, which calls for her to donate most of her lifetime earnings.

Jewett also addressed this issue in a letter and expressed gratitude for participating in the mission. It was recently revealed that the two had given the University of Texas $40 million.

The most significant gift the university has ever received would be put to use to support strategic growth and innovative excellence. Jewett might find it challenging to keep up these important gifts now that the divorce has been formalized.

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