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Who is Dan Lanning Wife? Meet the Spouse of Football Player!

Dan Lanning Wife

Dan Lanning Wife

Dan Lanning is a former football player and the current head coach at the University of Oregon. Lanning, who was born in North Kansas City, Missouri, on April 10, 1986, has worked at the University of Georgia as an outside linebackers coach and defensive coordinator.

Lanning was a linebacker for William Jewell for three years during his collegiate career. He started his coaching career in 2008 at Park Hill South High School.

He subsequently held coaching positions at Arizona State, Sam Houston State, Pittsburgh, Alabama, Memphis, Georgia, and, most recently, Oregon. Lanning is so adaptable that he can coach wide receivers, linebackers, and defensive backs. In this post, we will talk about Dan Lanning’s wife, children, and more details.

Dan Lanning Wife

Dan Lanning’s stunning wife is named Sauphia Lanning. They committed to marriage, turning their loving relationship into a marriage. The couple got married on October 17, 2009. The Lanning pair has been joined in marriage for ten years. The wife of Dan Lanning has been a strong advocate for her husband’s line of work.

Furthermore, Lanning spoke kindly about their encounter and mentioned how Sauphia has always been a constant source of support and encouragement for him. Additionally, their adventure together has allowed him to become Oregon’s head coach. Dan and Sauphia have been a constant source of support for one another.

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How Did Sauphia Lanning And Dan Lanning Meet?

In 2005, Dan Lanning went to Outback Steakhouse in Liberty, Missouri, where he met Sauphia Vorngsam. While Sauphia was a student at Northwest Missouri State University, Dan worked as a server at the restaurant.

Dan Lanning used to be a server at the restaurant during that time. He was also a former linebacker in football. In the meantime, Sauphia was attending Northwest Missouri State University to continue her education.

We can only conclude that there was an immediate spark of attraction between Sauphia and Dan. After work and college, the sweethearts would frequently get together and have fun.

In one of the interviews, they also disclosed their enchanting love tale. There it was asked Mr. Dan how he had met Sauphia. Their 16-year romance was already underway. Their love for one another has grown stronger as the time has flown by. Dan Lanning and Sauphia Lanning eventually started dating and developed into a lovely partnership.

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Dan Lanning Children

Sauphia Danning and her husband, Dan Lanning have welcomed three children together. First off, the couple recently welcomed a boy into the Lanning home. Their first son, Caden Lanning was born in the year 2010.

Sauphia gave birth to her second child after becoming a mother to Caden. Mr. and Mrs. Lanning were eagerly awaiting the birth of their second child. Knile Lanning, the son of Dan Lanning, was born in the US in 2012.

And lastly, Dan, a family man, and his devoted wife Sauphia were fortunate enough to have their third son. 2014 saw the birth of Titan Lanning, the youngest child.

Dan Lanning’s sons are currently nine years old, Knile is eleven, and Caden is thirteen. The two were also the parents of each of the three sons.

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