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Darius Slay Wife: The Woman Behind the NFL Star

Darius Slay Wife

Darius Slay Wife

Veteran cornerback Darius Slay has been competing in the NFL since 2013. He presently plays for the Philadelphia Eagles after being selected by the Detroit Lions in the 2013 NFL Draft.

Slay co-led the league in interceptions during the 2017 NFL season and has received four Pro Bowl awards. Jennifer Slay, the stunning wife of Darius Slay, has been by his side for many years. Learn more about Jennifer Slay, Darius Slay’s wife, by reading on.

Darius Slay Wife

Darius and Jennifer Slay have been together since 2015, and they get along well. She was raised in Clinton, Oakland, where she was born Jennifer Williams. 2012 saw her graduate from Clinton High School. Jennifer Slay played basketball for Southwestern Oklahoma State University when she was a student there.

At college, she was a guard player. Due to being a teen mother at the age of 18, she was forced to give up her basketball career. One of Darius Slay’s most dependable supporters during his NFL career has been Jennifer Slay.

How Many Years Have Darius and Jennifer Slay been Wed?

Since 2018, Darius Slay and Jennifer Slay have been wed. Using Instagram, the two connected in 2015 and quickly became friends. Darius and Jennifer Slay got to know one another via their difficulties as teen parents.

They went on their first date at an Oklahoma City Thunders game in 2015, and they have been dating ever since. After three years of dating, Darius Slay and Jennifer Slay got married in 2018. They are content with their union.

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Darius Slay has credited Jennifer with inspiring him and helping him grow as a person. Darius and Jennifer Slay are co-parenting four kids. Darion and Demetrius, two sons from prior relationships, belong to Darius Slay.

Trent was Jennifer Slay’s son from a prior relationship. Desirae Slay was born to Darius and Jennifer Slay in 2017. The six of them are a contented family, being raised by Darius and Jennifer Slay in a delightful and opulent setting.

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