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Who Is David Bromstad Husband: Does He Have A Boyfriend Or Girlfriend?

David Bromstad Husband

David Bromstad Husband

American designer and media personality David Reed Bromstad was born. He emerged victorious from the inaugural season of HGTV Design Star in 2006. HGTV programs that he has hosted include Beach Flip, Color Splash, and My Lottery Dream Home. To find out more about David Bromstad’s Husband, his age, and other specifics, keep reading the article.

David Bromstad Husband

David Bromstad does not have a husband. The television host is not currently wed. Nonetheless, he spent nearly ten years in a public, long-term relationship with Jeffrey Glasko. Although their romantic connection was happy, supporters were shocked when it ended tragically.

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Jeffrey Glasko was a police officer. He rose through the ranks of the Miami Police Department to become the team’s leader of SWAT. During their relationship, Glasko was appointed COO and project manager of David Bromstad LLC. It’s unclear if the ex-cop still fills this capacity.

When Did David Bromstad And Jeffrey Glasko Meet?

The American designer disclosed in 2012 that they had first connected at a Firestone, Orlando, pub on Valentine’s Day. In 2004, they formally began dating. However, the couple separated after a few years; you can read about their breakdown below.

Why Did David And Jeffrey Divorce?

After over ten years together, David and Jeffrey decided to call it quits. Given their intense intimacy, Glasko had gained renown as David Bromstad’s partner. Thus, many people who had anticipated the two’s marriage were taken aback.

Jeffrey called it quits on David due to his drug and alcohol abuse. The general public was oblivious to a great deal that was happening behind the scenes. David was sued by Jeffrey, who claimed that he had divided their joint home and broken an oral cohabitation agreement similar to a marriage contract.

Jeffrey said that David had hurt him both financially and emotionally. Jeffrey claimed that David Bromstad was heavily into drugs, alcohol, and prostitution and that he traveled with their life savings. Regretfully, Jaffrey’s allegations were dismissed by the judge due to insufficient evidence supporting them.

Is David Bromstad A Gay Man?

David Bromstad was queer, and he said so out loud. In 2013, David made his debut in public. Since then, he has been dating Jeffrey Glasko; however, they broke up in 2015.

Following his collaboration with the Salvation Army to organize the charity’s Red Shield Redesign Bash in 2013, David received a lot of feedback from supporters. Gay rights activists have charged the Christian organization of prejudice against the LGBTQ+ population.

Why is Jeffrey Glasko Famous?

Policeman Jeffrey Glasko worked there. He began his career with the Miami Police Department as an officer and rose through the ranks to become a SWAT unit captain. During their courtship, Glasko held the positions of project manager and COO for David Bromstad LLC. It’s unclear if the ex-police officer is still employed in this capacity.

How Old Is David Bromstad?

The age of David Bromstad is 49. His most well-known achievement is that he won HGTV’s Design Star in its inaugural season. He started as an illustrator for Disney and is now highly renowned for his tattoos and paintings. He has also appeared on HGTV programs, including Bang for Your Buck and Showdown.

What Is David Bromstad’s Net Worth?

The HGTV star’s estimated net worth is $4 million. He hosted Color Splash and My Lottery Dream Home after winning Design Star. To provide followers with more Christmas decorating advice, David also maintains his blog under the same name.

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