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Who is in Death in Paradise Season 12 Episode 8 Cast?

Death in Paradise Season 12 Episode 8 Cast

Death in Paradise Season 12 Episode 8 Cast

With the previous two-part episode, Death In Paradise is back to normal as the season 12 finale approaches, but who will be in episode 8’s cast? After struggling with one of the most challenging cases of his career, DI Neville Parker finds himself conflicted in this week’s Death In Paradise, even considering his future in Saint Marie.

There may be turmoil in Neville’s personal life, but there is still a murder to be solved, which means a number of new cast members are joining the BBC series.

Death in Paradise Season 12 Episode 8 Cast

Season 12 of Death In Paradise has seen lots of new and known people introduced to the ensemble as guest stars and episode 8 is no different:

Primary cast and returning actors

Guest Star Spotlight

Death in Paradise Season 12 Episode 8 Cast

Joe Dixon as Elijah St John

Joseph Dixon plays Elijah Saint John, this week’s tragic murder victim, and he serves as the first member of the cast in our cast list for the Death In Paradise finale.

The actor, born in Birmingham, has been on television since 1989’s The Bill, but fans will remember him more for his parts in Atlantis, Us, AD The Bible Continues, 32 Brinkburn Street, Criminal Justice, and 2001’s The Mummy Returns. He has additionally appeared in episodes of Inspector Lewis, Vera, Midsomer Murders, The Coroner, Silent Witness, and others.

Tyrone Huggins as Clifford Brown

Tyrone Huggins, an actor from St. Kitts, makes an appearance in episode 8 as suspect Clifford Brown. The Caribbean native has played 35 parts since first appearing on our screens in the early 1980s. He is most known for his work in the television series Little Axe, Black Earth Rising, Doctors, Emmerdale, Rome, The Bill, and EastEnders.

Tommie Earl Jenkins as Kenton Sealy

Thanks to recent roles in movies and television shows including Netflix’s Wednesday, Lupin, and the video game Death Stranding, Tommie Earl Jenkins is one of the show’s biggest guest stars in episode 8.

Coming from Ohio in the US, the actor has appeared in more than 40 roles in his career with lesser-known performances coming in Paradise Highway, Pandora, The Politician, Law & Order: True Crime, and How To Get Away With Murder.

Check out the tweet that was just shared down below if you’re interested in learning more about Death in Paradise Season 12 Episode 8:

Jaqueline Boatswain as Babette Francois

Appearing as legendary calypso singer Babette Francois in episode 8 is Jacqueline Boatswain. Since making her acting debut in a 1988 Red Dwarf episode, the British actress has played approximately 50 different roles.

Since then, Boatswain has held roles in the likes of Grange Hill, Shameless, Cuckoo, Wolfblood, Prime Video’s Carnival Row, and the Channel 4 soap, Hollyoaks, where she appeared as Simone Loveday between 2015 and 2019.

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Christelle Elwin as Romy Christophe

Christelle Elwin, who plays band member Romy Christophe, is a rookie to acting, and she brings things to a close. Christelle didn’t make her acting debut until 2022 when she starred in the Netflix comedies The Bastard Son & The Devil Himself and Bloods. She’s also set to appear in The Witcher’s third season later in 2023.

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