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Demi Moore Net Worth 2022, Career, Personal Life And Real Estate Details!

Demi Moore Net Worth

Demi Moore Net Worth

Demi Moore Net Worth: Demi Moore, a famous actress in Hollywood, started out as a pin-up model after dropping out of high school. Her biological father deserted her mother before she was born, and her stepfather took his own life when she was ony sixteen, making for a highly tumultuous upbringing.

Because of her mother’s history of drunk driving offenses and arson, Demi’s early life was full of difficulties after the occurrence. She was forced to fend for herself by her dysfunctional family and ended up on the cover of an adult magazine.

She worked at a variety of odd jobs before making her big screen debut in the film Choices, but she was still desperate to break into the entertainment industry. Subsequently, her breakout role in the film St. Elmo’s Fire propelled her to prominence. After the success of the critically acclaimed picture “Ghost,” she rose to the ranks of the most paid actresses in Hollywood.

Demi Moore Early Life

Demi As of his birth on November 11th, 1962, Gene Guynes was a native of Roswell, New Mexico. Since taking the surname of her first husband, Freddy Moore, she has been known professionally as Demi Moore.

Moore’s mother married Dan Guynes when she was just three months old, after her real father, Charles Harmon Sr., had abandoned her after only two months of marriage. As far as Moore is concerned, Guynes is her real dad.

Moore’s family relocated to West Hollywood, California, when she was 15 years old, following a series of moves prompted by Guynes’s many career changes. She started out at Fairfax High School but left before finishing her junior year.

After that, she got herself signed up with Elite Model Management and started attending acting workshops.

Demi Moore Net Worth

Demi Moore Career

Moore made his acting debut in the supporting cast of the 1981 drama “Choices,” and then went on to star in the 1982 science fiction horror picture “Parasite.” After that, she played an investigative reporter on the ABC soap opera “General Hospital” from 1977 to 1983. She had supporting roles in 1984’s “Blame It on Rio” and “No Small Affair,” two comedies.

Because of her breakout performance in the 1985 drama St. Elmo’s Fire, she is frequently grouped with the other child stars who became known as the Brat Pack.

At the end of the 1980s, she appeared in the films “About Last Night…” (1986), “One Crazy Summer” (1986), “Wisdom” (1986), “The Seventh Sign” (1988), and “We’re No Angels” (1989), as well as making her professional stage debut in an off-Broadway production of “The Early Girl” at the Circle Repertory Company that same year.

Moore’s breakthrough film, “Ghost,” was the year’s highest-grossing movie and made nearly $505 million. It is also one of her most successful films ever, earning her a nomination for a Golden Globe Award.

While she also starred in “Nothing but Trouble” (1991) and “The Butcher’s Wife” (1994), the box office successes of “A Few Good Men” (1992), “Indecent Proposal” (1993), and “Disclosure” (1994) helped her keep her A-list reputation (1991).

At the box office, Moore saw a decline in the late ’90s. While her $12.5 million paycheck for her role in 1996’s “Striptease” made her the highest-paid actress in film history, many of her other projects from that era were flops. Moore was honored with the Golden Raspberry for Worst Actress when the domestic release of “Striptease” was a box office failure.

Both of her 1995 and 1996 films, The Scarlet Letter and The Juror, were roundly panned by critics. Although most of her movies during this time period bombed at the box office, 1997’s “G.I. Jane” was a mild hit, and she also portrayed Esmeralda in Disney’s animated “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” (1996).

She was nominated for another Golden Globe for her leading part in the controversial HBO miniseries If These Walls Could Talk (1996), about abortion, which she also produced.

In the early 2000s, Moore focused on raising her daughters in Hailey, Idaho, therefore she starred in fewer films. Some examples are the art-house drama “Passion of Mind” (2000), the action flick “Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle” (2003), the comedy “Bobby” (2006), and the rom-com “Flawless” (2007). (2008).

After 2010, she began acting again, taking on more frequent and consistent roles. Her film credits include Happy Tears (2010), Bunraku (2010), Margin Call (2011), Another Happy Day (2011), Blind (2017), Rough Night (2017), Love Sonia (2018), and Corporate Animals (2018). (2019).

Moore also had roles in “Forsaken” (2015), “Wild Oats,” “Forgiven,” and “LOL” (2012) during this time period (2016). The 2011 Lifetime anthology film “Five,” for which she directed a section, earned her a Directors Guild of America Award nomination for Outstanding Directing in a Miniseries or Television Film.

Demi Moore  Various Other Works

Moore’s autobiography, “Inside Out,” was released in September 2019 by HarperCollins. It was the first book to reach the top spot on both the New York Times Hardcover Nonfiction Best Sellers list and the New York Times Combined Print & E-Book Nonfiction Best Sellers list.

Demi Moore Personal Life

Moore is a seasoned marital veteran, having tied the knot thrice. In 1981, at the tender age of 18, she wed guitarist Freddy Moore.

The age difference between her and Moore was a full twelfth. Moore became engaged to actor Emilio Estevez after their divorce in 1985; the couple had intended to wed in December 1986 but later called off their nuptials.

Rumer Willis, an actress in her own right, is one of Moore and Bruce Willis’ three children from their 1987 marriage. Moore and Willis split up in 1998 and officially filed for divorce in October of 2000. Demi received a total of $90 million from Bruce in a divorce deal that included both cash and property.

Moore started dating actor Ashton Kutcher, who is 15 years younger than her, in 2003. They started dating in September 2005, were married in September 2005, separated in 2011, and divorced in November 2013.


Moore’s charitable contributions have benefited organizations like UNICEF, Healthy Child Healthy World, the American Foundation for AIDS Research, and the Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking.

Moore and Kutcher, her then-husband, established the DNA Foundation in 2009 to combat the exploitation of children in the sexual entertainment industry.

Moore was a contributor to CNN at the time, and in 2010 she went to Nepal to meet Anuradha Koirala, CNN’s 2010 Hero of the Year and founder of Maiti Nepal, an organization that helps rescue children who have been victims of sex trafficking.

She also provided the voiceover for “Nepal’s Stolen Children,” a CNN documentary about the scourge of child trafficking (2011).

Demi Moore’s Net Worth

US actress and producer Demi Moore are worth an estimated $200 million. Since the early ’90s, she has consistently ranked as one of Hollywood’s A-list actors.

She has been nominated for Best Actress at the Golden Globes twice and has been among the industry’s biggest earners on multiple occasions. Outside of huge acting wages, Demi got $90 million in cash and real properties in a divorce settlement with Bruce Willis.

Over the years, she has also amassed substantial wealth from real estate deals. Those two resources will be discussed in greater depth later on in this piece.

Demi became the highest-paid actress in film history (up to that moment) in the mid-1990s starting when she was paid $12.5 million for the film “Striptease”. The equivalent of about $20 million in today’s currency.

This record has been broken again and over in the years since. She made $11 million for the film “G.I. Jane” in 1997. A Few Good Men” earned $3 million, “Indecent Proposal” $5 million, “Disclosure” $6 million, “The Scarlet Letter” $7 million, and “The Juror” another $7 million.

Demi’s base salary alone was over $60 million when she was at the height of her career; this would be equivalent to around $100 million now. Demi’s behind-the-scenes work as a film producer has garnered her a fortune. She oversaw production for the whole “Austin Powers” trilogy.

Real Estate

Bruce and Demi bought a penthouse in the San Remo building overlooking Central Park for $7 million in 1990. As soon as they could afford it, they upgraded to a larger apartment in the same building, this one with two bedrooms.

This apartment was awarded to Demi as part of the settlement for their divorce. She put it up for sale in 2015 for a staggering $75 million. In 2017, she made $45 million from the sale of the property. She has a number of properties in Hailey, Idaho, and in 2003 she spent $3.15 million on a mansion in Beverly Hills.


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