Difference Between In Humans And Mutants In MCU (2022 Updated)

Difference Between In Humans And Mutants: MCU viewers may have some unanswered questions concerning Inhumans and mutants now that Ms. Marvel has concluded.

You might wonder why they would still be wondering things like that after Ms. Marvel’s season finale.

Well, allow me to simply neatly attach the “spoilers below” warning. I must warn you. Once you’ve finished watching the Ms. Marvel series finale, please rejoin us.

Wow, Ms. Marvel was a fantastic series that did a fantastic job of establishing the character in the MCU while largely ignoring the Inhumans plot, of which she was a central part in the comics.

It was the MCU plot I enjoyed the most, but it did something very bad by leaving a gaping hole in the MCU with a term that was both subtle and blatantly chosen.

You were born with a special trait. Bruno, Kamala Khan’s buddy who is into science and technology, describes her as “like a mutant.”

What, you claim that there has been a mutation? Such as a… Mutant!

This got the attention of many Marvel fans, including me: As we mentioned before, Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) has always been shown as an Inhuman, but this was done on purpose to suggest that she had ties to the X-Men.

This establishes the role of the first mutant in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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While some Marvel fans are understandably concerned about what this might signify for the MCU in the long run, I’d want to set the record straight on this mysterious Terrigen Mist.

While not identical, mutants and Inhumans are conceptually and aesthetically comparable in works of fiction.

They are remarkably similar (both feature nations (though the Inhumans’ metropolis is more central to the plot), teams comprised of their finest soldiers, and metaphorical writing about tyranny).

Distinctions like this are superficial, but they do cover the basics. Mutants were humans born with the X-Gene, whereas Inhumans were humans created by Kree experimentation.

In the comics, after the detonation of the Terrigen bomb, everyone on Earth transforms into Inhumans (including Ms. Marvel herself).

There are significant distinctions between mutants and Inhumans, but in everyday life, their acts are quite similar. What really counts are those basic components.

difference between inhumans and mutants
difference between inhumans and mutants

Let’s get back to the main point, though:

In other words, she’s Marvel’s Ms.

Despite the fact that mutants have been appearing in Marvel Cinematic Universe stories (Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, WandaVision), she is not a mutant in the comics.

How is this dissimilar from that?

Permit me to quote Polygon’s Susana Polo from 2017 about the Inhumans TV show:

“What has Marvel Entertainment decided makes Inhumans so popular right now?” Because they don’t have the cinematic rights to the X-Men.

The same traits that made the Inhumans unnecessary in the Marvel Comics universe also make them quite useful in the MCU.

In the absence of mutants and the X-Men, they’re a go-to feared and reviled underclass of mankind born with infinitely varying superpowers that originate from a cohesive narrative explanation.”

If not the most effective and strong, the X-metaphor Men’s is a hallmark of Marvel Universe superhero fiction.

Considering this, it’s not surprising that Marvel Entertainment is looking into incorporating the Inhumans into its film universe. Without the mutant metaphor, the Marvel Universe would be incomplete.

Two things have happened since Polo’s article: the Inhumans show turned out to be a disappointing addition to the MCU, and Disney acquired 20th Century Fox (and by extension, the X-Men, mutants, and their movie rights).

Why in the world would the MCU still cling to the Inhumans if copyright issues weren’t a problem? Actually, Ms. Marvel’s original inventor wanted her to be a mutant anyhow, so what’s the harm, right?

To some extent, that’s the point I’m making in this piece. The fact that Ms. Marvel is a mutant makes no difference to her backstory.

This suggests that additional mutant goods will be arriving sooner than we anticipate.

But Wolverine acquiring vibranium claws isn’t off the table.

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