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Dorion Renaud Net Worth: Discuss His Entrepreneurial Success in Skincare!

Dorion Renaud Net Worth

Dorion Renaud Net Worth

Dorion Renaud is the creator and CEO of Buttahskin and is a musician, actor, and model. He is well known for his work as a model and his commitment to promoting the skincare line Buttaskin globally. You can find information on Dorion Renaud’s net worth, early life, career, personal life, and more on this page.

Dorion Renaud Net Worth

Dorion Renaud has been working as an actor and host for several years and has amassed considerable riches due to his career. His estimated net worth in 2022 will be $1.5 million. However, the information is not official.

Dorion Renaud Early Life

On February 8, 1988, Dorion Renaud was born in Texas, America. A black family reared him as a lone child in his hometown. He was born Dorion Standberry and later changed his name to Dorion Renaud, though he hasn’t said much about his family or parents.

Dorion is a graduate of Clark Atlanta University, albeit he has not shared much information about his early schooling and training. The subject of his research is unknown, though. He started his modeling career at the age of 17 and was active in it while he was in college.

Dorion Renaud’s Career Journey

In 2018, he found Buttah Skin, which has since been highlighted in Vogue and on the catwalk. He was always looking for superior skincare products, and eventually, he started his line of pure and organic shea goodness. High-end, handcrafted skincare, soap, and body care products may be found at Buttah Beauty.

Dorion Renaud Net Worth

The company specializes in making inexpensive organic products. When he started the brand, he invited Beyonce to try on the line, and her endorsement gave him the go-ahead to succeed. He made an acting debut in the 2008 season of College Hill Atlanta, a program that followed students’ lives at historically black colleges.

After that, he was given a small part in an episode of Welcome to the Family in 2013. Later that year, he and Billy Bush co-hosted the program Extra on the NBCU network. In addition, he has been on E’s Keeping Up with the Kardashians and One’s Hollywood Divas as Khloe Kardashian’s best friend.

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Additionally, he has served as a model for brands like Adidas and Nike. In addition to continuing to play Percy in the television sitcom In the Cut, which he started playing in 2015, he was recently cast in the daytime talk show Access Daily, which will feature celebrity news stories in 2021. He recently spoke about building and establishing his brand on The Breakfast Club’s radio show.

Dorion Renaud Personal Life

There have been no current rumors concerning Dorion’s romantic life. Therefore, it is assumed that he is single at this time. He was previously betrothed, but the union was broken up. He kept his personal life private, refusing to discuss his engagement or ex-fiancée openly.

Final Lines

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns Buttahskin?

The creator of Buttah Skin, Dorion Renaud, may be found at Buttah Skin by Dorion Renaud | Black Owned Skincare.

Who is Percy on in the cut?

The Cut (2015), The Beauty of Blackness (2022), and Extra are among Dorion Renaud's notable works (1994).


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