Early home of Facebook founders in Silicon valley is up for rent

The early home of the creators of Facebook is up for rent. Situated at the 1743 Westbrook Avenue in Los Altos. The six-bedroom home is available for $10,000 per month. They paid half half the amount when they moved-in in 2004.

The Silicon Valley home for rent

The previous landlord asked Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz, and Sean Parker were to vacant the rental. Landlord took this action because they tied zip line from chimney to the swimming pool. So, they need a new place to set up shop, according to the publications.

The new landlord informed: “Zuckerberg didn’t even go inside the house before asking if they could rent the place and wrote me a $10,000 check.” She added “He said he planned to connect to the world.”

She replied to him “I don’t care if you are going to connect the world, if this check does not pass, you are not moving in.”

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