How Many Kids Does Eazy E Have? (UPDATED 2022)

Eazy E Kids

Eazy E Kids: On September 7, 1964, Eric Lynn Wright, popularly known as Eazy-E, was born. An American rapper from the West Coast, known as “Gangsta Rap,” is widely considered to be the father of the genre. As a member of the legendary hip-hop crew the N.W.Alongside Ice Cube, Dre, DJ Yella, and MC Ren (to name a few), the underground rapper helped catapult rap music to mainstream success in the United States.

The group’s violent and sexist lyrics made them a household name among the commercial hip-hop market’s adolescent male listeners, who felt empowered by the music to objectify women and commit acts of violence as a result.

A complete list of all eleven children he had and where they are today is included in this document.

Eric Darnell Wright

Eazy-E and Lil Eazy are the stage names of Eric Wright, Jr., better known as Lil Eazy. He was the eldest kid of the late rapper Easy-E, being born on April 23rd, 1984 in Los Angeles, California. He followed in his father’s footsteps by dedicating his attention to the gangsta rap genre. It’s a partnership he has with his brother, Derrek Wright, to run NWA Entertainment.

Compton MoneyGang, a musical project with his brother Derrek and other members of his family, is also under his management. Compton, California is where his father grew up, and he was reared in the same house.

Erin Bria Wright (Eazy E Kid)

Eazy-daughter, E’s EB Wright, was born Erin Bria Wright. Tracey Jernigan, Easy’s first wife, gave birth to her. Erin gained media attention after announcing her long-term goal: making a documentary on her father’s life and death, which she hoped would shed light on the contentious circumstances surrounding his passing and the ensuing custody struggle.

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Her mother and sister have joined forces with her to produce the film, and she is presently working to secure the funding needed to get it off the ground.

Theo Diaz Wright (Eazy E Kid)

A third daughter of Easy-E, Diajah is named after her. In contrast, her mother, Tomica Wright, is a well-known American film producer. After they were married, Easy and his wife had a baby girl. Sadly, Easy had already passed away by the time she was conceived. A few months after his death, she was born. Daijah Wright has become a household name throughout the world because of her parents’ high-profile American public personas.

Henry Wright (Eazy E Kid)

Her freestyle to Ice Cube’s “Jackin’ for Beats” and Easy E’s daughter Henree Wright’s song “Big Racks” made her a household figure in the hip-hop community. She has almost 200,000 followers on Instagram, where she publishes photographs of her daily life and her music-making process. Originally from Italy and Trinidad, her mother, Kelly, is an African-American woman of Italian descent. One of ReeMarkbale’s children, Cobe, goes by this name.

Eazy E Kids
Eazy E Kids

Dominick Wright (Eazy E Kid)

Dominick, the son of a well-known underground rapper, went in a different direction from his father and became an actor instead. He was born in Los Angeles, California, in 1993 and is now 27 years old. He has appeared in films including The Money, Mistaken, Count on Me, and more as a stuntman and actor. As a cyclist, he is a role model. He has had a long and successful career in Hollywood as a stuntman.

Erin Elizabeth Wright (Eazy E Kid)

When Easy-E Wright, Erica’s father, died of AIDS in 1995, she was a tiny toddler. She adores her father’s father and the impact he’s had on the rap music business since she grew up with him. She still resides in Crompton, California, and is frequently spotted about town in clothing that resembles that of her father. She is the oldest daughter of Easy-E.

Raven Wright (Eazy E Kid)

The only thing publicly available about Raven Wright is that she is Easy-E’s daughter. In addition, there is little to no information on Easy’s kid and her whereabouts accessible. As a consequence, she avoids being identified as the rapper’s daughter at public gatherings and keeps her distance from the spotlight.

Marquise Wright (Eazy E Kid)

Marquise Wright, better known as Yung Eazy, was born on February 14, 1990, the son of Eazy-E. Following in the traditions of his father, Yung Easy has decided to follow in his footsteps and become a rapper himself. A freelance rapper and music producer, he is known as IAmYungEasy on YouTube.

According to him, it was not a sexually transmitted disease that took his father’s life; instead, it was the intentional injection of an HIV-infected syringe that did it. His music and his surname, on the other hand, are preserving his father’s memory.

Derrek Wright (Eazy E Kid)

Derrek Wright, Easy’s third kid, was born in Crompton, California, on January 28, 1988, making him his second son. Derrek is a rapper and music producer in the same vein as his father and older brother. They are two of the few Easy children to fully carry on their father’s legacy by using their songs to spread the word about their father’s music. Derrek, like his father, wears the same clothes and looks the same.

With his father, he had an appearance in the music video for “Only If You Want It” when he was eight years old. As an artist, he took his time to mature, and now he’s creating quality music that honors his father.

David and Elijah Wright

Easy E’s two sons Elijah Wright and David Wright have not been mentioned in any of the media reports. However, a variety of local sources and interviews have allowed us to verify the accuracy of the names. Even then, no new information has emerged regarding the two people, their careers, or their current whereabouts. is a great place to find out what’s new and intriguing about your favorite celebs.

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