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When Will the Elden Ring DLC Release Date Finally Arrive?

Elden Ring DLC Release Date

Elden Ring DLC Release Date

Elden Ring’s first anniversary, which was on February 25, 2022, is quickly approaching, and as usual, player conversation and rumors about a 2023 DLC expansion are heating up.

Director Hidetaka Miyazaki stated that he and FromSoftware had “many” things planned for Elden Ring’s future during his acceptance speech for Game of the Year at The Game Awards after a fantastic year that saw the game sell 16 million copies and win the award.

Since then, the Colosseum PVP update has given Elden Ring its first piece of free DLC. Although it isn’t an entirely natural extension, it implies that fans may believe Miyazaki when he says there will be plans for Elden Ring.

Elden Ring DLC Release Date

As of this writing, the upcoming DLC expansion for Elden Ring has no official release date. Except for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, the timeframe tends to be roughly 9 months following release based on FromSoftware’s typical follow-up DLC release schedules.

Even though some fans are hoping for an anniversary expansion to debut on February 25, 2023, this doesn’t provide much evidence supporting any Elden Ring release date theory construction. We would treat any speculation in that area with a grain of salt since it would leave little time for marketing.

Will There be Elden Ring DLC?

Since Colosseum was released last year, a free DLC has already been provided. And despite how great it was and how fierce the PVP mode was, we’re almost ready for something new. So, is there anything planned?

Elden Ring DLC Release Date

Officially? No announcements have yet been made, but we’ll update this page as soon as anything is made public. But many rumors and purported leaks are floating about, so let’s look!

What Will the Elden Ring Dlc Be About?

The free Colosseum update, often known as Colosseum DLC, is the game’s first significant free update (excluding balance fixes or continuations of the stories of a few minor characters). It is suitably centered on the Colosseums in Limgrave, Caelid, and Leyndell.

It is a PVP-oriented content update that focuses on enabling players to engage in controlled multiplayer combat against other players, similar to a more organized version of the invasions that players can wage war against.

Since they have been in the game from the start, the Colosseums have long been thought to be the source of DLC and updates. However, no one could enter them, which was odd given their importance and the fact that there was a clear pattern.

Data miners’ discovery of information suggesting a matchmaking mechanism raised concerns about PVP content. Still, it has been verified that the free Colosseum DLC will let players engage in combat in these impressive venues.

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Elden Ring Barbarians of the Badlands Leaked?

According to several leaks, Barbarians of the Badlands will be Elden Ring’s first downloadable content title. Barbarians of the Badlands is purportedly situated outside the realm of the Lands Between and is a full-scale expansion.

You would be aware from the game’s backstory that Tarnished was sent to the Badlands after Godfrey fell from grace if you had paid close attention to it. Godfrey was among the Tarnished who died in the Badlands. Tarnished went back to the Lands Between in the Elden Ring prologue.

Barbarians of the Badlands, the first Elden Ring DLC, might take place in the past. Remember that you should treat the little information leaked with a massive grain of salt until FromSoftware or Bandai Namco releases an official statement on Barbarians of the Badlands.

More information you can get from the tweet below:

All Elden Ring DLC/Expansion content is currently pure conjecture. Some suspect it might be centered on Miquella, Melania’s brother, who has been called “the most frightening Empyrean of them.”

Alternately, there is a rumor that the first DLC for Elden Ring will be PvP-focused and take place in the enormous Colosseum in the Caelid region.

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