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What Was Eliza Fletcher Cause of Death? Remembering Her Bright Spirit!

Eliza Fletcher Cause of Death

Police report released on Thursday, that the Tennessee kindergarten teacher who was allegedly k!lled earlier this month after being abducted on a dawn run suffered a head wound.

Fletcher, a mother of two and a teacher at St. Mary’s Episcopal School in Memphis, was in her early twenties. She was an avid runner and regularly ran 8.2 miles in the morning. However, on her last run, she was k!lled before she could finish.

Eliza Fletcher, 34, was discovered to have a gunsh0t wound to the back of her skull, fractured jaw bones, and injuries to her right leg from blunt force trauma. She was subjected to an autopsy at the Memphis-based West Tennessee Regional Forensic Center. Let’s know the real reason for her de@th.

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What Was Eliza Fletcher Cause of De@th

she was abducted while out for her daily exercise, the Tennessee kindergarten teacher d!ed. A month ago, her body was discovered. The West Tennessee Regional Forensic Center in Memphis is where Eliza Fletcher, 34, was reportedly discovered dead. In the back of her head, she had been shot. Here is a Twitter post related to Eliza Fletcher Cause of De@th:

she was struck in the torso, breaking her mouth and injuring her right leg. A mother of two named Fletcher was grabbed and shoved into the back of a dark SUV on Friday, September 2, when she was out for a morning jog in Memphis.

The 38-year-old was apprehended two days later and charged with very aggravated kidnapping and tampering with evidence in relation to Fletcher’s disappearance after it was claimed that Cleotha Abston Henderson’s DNA was found on a pair of sandals at the location.

Police claimed that after allegedly driving a GMC Terrain SUV to kidnap Fletcher, Abston Henderson was seen cleaning the vehicle for more than an hour.

Fletcher’s body was found the following day, seven miles from the spot where more camera footage revealed she was being taken. the police stated, that the charges against Abston Henderson later increased to include first-degree m*rder and first-degree m*rder in the commission of an abduction.

Members of Fletcher’s neighborhood gathered to ceremoniously complete her final run one week after she mysteriously disappeared while working out. In an occasion called “Let’s Finish Liza’s Run,” more than 2,100 people registered to run Fletcher’s route.

The Commercial Appeal said, “Her contagious smile and laughter could brighten any room,” it read. “Liza was pure of heart and innocent in ways that made her see the very best in everyone she met.”

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