End of 5 Year ‘Right of Registration’ Period For .UK Registrants


The opportunity for .uk registrants with third level domain names to get the second level equivalent has now closed. All remaining domain names will be made available to the public in July.

In an announcement Nominet, the registry for .uk, said the registrants of around 1.8 million out of 10 million domain names hadn’t taken up the opportunity as of late last week.

The 5 year ‘Right of Registration’ period set aside by Nominet in June 2014 was to allow third-level (.co.uk, .org.uk, .me.uk, .net.uk, .plc.uk or .ltd.uk) domain registrants ample time to consider whether they would like to register their second-level equivalent.

“With the deadline approaching, companies and individuals need to take action now to avoid missing out on securing the shorter domain,” said Eleanor Bradley, MD of Registry Solutions, Nominet. “By taking up the equivalent .uk they guarantee they – and no-one else – can use it now and in the future.”

“But it’s a choice. In a world with hundreds of different domain endings already available, from .uk and .com to .london and .vip, we know not everyone will feel it’s a priority. For those happy with the .co.uk domain they already have, it is important to know that it will continue as normal.”

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